Saturday, February 11, 2012

Re-REstyling my wig.

The work as it progressed lol

Well I put Lola(my Styrofoam head) to work straightaway after I got her since I wanted to style this wig again. 
It looks so funny on the stand XD

I wanted to reshape it, recolor it and recurl it.
I love Yumachi's chunking lowlights here. So I went for a similar coloring (lowlight-wise anyway). I usually do better at these things when I have a pic(s) for inspiration but I still want tighter curls than in the pictures below.

I wanted a totally different curl size/shape this time around so I dumped boiling water over it to straighten it out again. It doesn't really matter if it gets it pin straight, just straight enough to work with again. Then I just took a razor/comb to it to soften up the layers a little bit.

It's fun to look at it once it's half done and realize how long it actually is.

Then I recolored it with acrylic ink using the same dye recipe as this one (same ink color and all). Except this time I wanted to streak it with large chunks.

Here's how you use a simple plastic bag to protect the hair you don't want to touch the freshly dyed streaks in the above layer.
So I just kept going like that until I reached the top. Once you reach the top and bangs you can use foil to separate the strands you intend to dye from the strands you intend to keep undyed. I just used a big sheet of foil to lay the strands over instead of the traditional one piece per strand method because I need to keep the foil unfolded so it can dry properly. If you can't get close enough to the roots by spraying just dip a Q-tip in the dye and apply it to the roots that way.
Let it sit overnight and rinse it in cold water the next morning.

Curling is pretty straightforward. Wet the hair and curl it with a large barrel iron (mine is a 1 inch barrel all around and 1 1/2 toward the front). Using a LOW setting on your iron, hold it for about ten seconds or so, depending on your irons heat. It helps to use clips to hold the curls until the hair dries.

After it had been curled, I put the finishing touches on it by brushing out the curls, teasing at the roots and around the crown a bit and used my Revlon finishing spray for synthetic hair.

Wow! I got to use a lot of my Sally Order in this post! XD
Well, I hope this helped anyone hoping to streak or highlight synthetic hair and tune in next time to see what I do with this silver monster!

Bye bye for now!


  1. wow! It turned out super good *__* <3!! can't wait to see what you do with the silver wig! :D

  2. Thank you! I really like the way it looks now but it'll probably be the last time I can style it with heat XD
    I can't either. I still haven't really decided what I want it to look like yet.

  3. It looks so awesome! I love the low lights :) I have a wig that needs styling but I'm a super noobcake at wigs. Is your wig made from kanekalon?

  4. I think it is, but it's one of my older wigs so I can't say for sure. I'm 95% sure it is though.

  5. I did not know the you can do that with wigs... AMAZING!

  6. Neither did I, at first. But I learned little by little and before I knew it I was dying and curling synthetic wigs! XD

  7. That looks gorgeous! I'm really impressed how good the result turned out *_*