Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lightened hair and nautical nails.

Mission this summer: Get a tan!
I lightened my hair, as I usually do when Spring is nearing, using The Clairol Born Blonde kit.
I'm kinda of scared of the ones with the powder packets XD And with good reason! As you can see it turned my hair preeeety light. I didn't have to leave it on very long since my hair wasn't very dark. It's still a little yellowy even after toning shampoo but I kind of like it XD 

It's fine though because soon I want to FINALLY dye the underneath with my pink dye which I have been meaning to do forever!  I tested the pink dye on an extension piece that was the same color as my old hair and it barely turned it pink at all :( This seems like it would be light enough for that now.
I've been trying out my Candy Grey lenses instead of my Candy Green ones lately

I don't know if you can tell but this is actually an updo.

My hair is still in surprisingly  good condition. I've been using the Pantene keratin protection creme on it when I get out of the shower and L'oreal Everstrong Sulfate Free Overnight Treatment on it before I go to bed. I do honestly believe the Pantene helps soften my hair and the L'oreal helps keep it strong.

I also discovered I'm one of those girls that probably shouldn't wink XD Or at least not with such massive lashes on.

Side Notes: I made these nautical themed nails.

And my Nana Suzuki look will be up next week for part 2 of my gyaru model tribute :D It's been fun trying to recreate some of these looks since I don't usually model my makeup after any gal in particular.


  1. Your hair looks really nice lightened!

  2. Thanks :) I don't know how long I'll keep it like this though.

  3. You look gorgeous! This color really suits you!

    I want to dye my hair lighter but I'm afraid. I had blond hair a couple of years ago but my hair would break off all the time. I had it done in a salon, so it was expensive to maintain, too.

  4. I'm mainly worried about the maintenance too. I don't think my roots would be all too hard to bleach but to have to do it every two weeks seems a little much. I'll probably take it to a light ash after this.

    Sorry to hear that D: The same thing happened to my sister (who has black hair)she went to a salon spent a bunch of money, it took them forever to get it as light as she wanted it and after that it started breaking off like crazy :(