Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gyaru Model Looks Part 2: Nana Suzuki Makeup

Here is the second installment of my gyaru model looks!
Inspired by Nana's star-burst lashes, pale pink cheeks and milky pink lips. This still one of my all time favorite gyaru looks where it is pretty heavy on the lashes but still pretty sweet looking too.

Again, this isn't really a recent look of her's but it is my favorite and she did look this way for a long time. Also, when people say "Nana Suzuki makeup" I'm pretty sure this is the look
they're referring to.

Reference Picture.
I tried doing makeup liker her's before but I didn't have pointed top lashes or ANY bottom lashes at the time. Having those really makes all the difference in the world! I also wish I realize that she cuts the lower lashes into clusters and glues them on desperately before I glued on the whole strip. >_< I'll keep that in mind next time.
28 Neutral Palette

Here are few more pictures.
It's rained a bit recently.
Lower half...

Bye bye till next post!


  1. You did the look very well! The tutorial is quite nice!

  2. Thank you ^_^ I completely failed at getting my eyes in the frame when I put on my lashes and eyeliner though XD

  3. Aww very cute! I love Nana Suzuki's look! Nicely done :D

  4. Thanks :) I love her look too. But when I googled how she did it I didn't find very many results. So hopefully this'll help people also looking to try this makeup out.

  5. This is such a cute look! I love pointed lashes like this. Thank you for the tutorial :D