Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Elf Mineral Gloss vs. Elf Glossy Gloss

I've been wanting to get back into the swing of reviewing things as I've noticed my review posts are my most viewed posts on this blog. So I hope they're helpful because lord knows I try to be thorough XD 

Today I'm reviewing Elf Mineral Gloss in a compare and contrast to the Elf Glossy Gloss. This may be good for people trying to decide between the two which they want to try first or at all.
Mineral Lip Gloss
So first is the Mineral Lip Gloss.
I bought these in Wild (left) and Pageant Princess.

As some of you can probably tell the packaging is VERY similar to Mac Lipglass. I keep all my lip glosses in the same container and I'm always confusing the two! In fact, here's a side by side with with a Lipglass.

It comes with a sponge tip applicator and applies pretty light and has a slightly sticky feel to it ( It's not nearly as heavy/sticky as a Lipglass though) 

The opacity of it once applied is...nearly nonexistent. They add a bit of shimmer to your lips or a teeny pop of color but other than that they may as well be colorless. Which sucks because I bought these because I thought they were pretty colors.
Pageant Princess (right) and Wild on bare lips.

 It's nice for lovers of the natural look and they do look good over sheer lipsticks but I hate putting lip gloss over lipstick with a sponge tip applicator!
Pageant Princess over Pouty Petal Mineral Lipstick and Wild over Cool Coral Mineral Lipstick

I tried them over a more matte lipstick too and it just gathers in the little lines and doesn't look very good :(
Pageant Princess over Runway Pink mineral lipstick

I feel like it's hard for me to judge lip gloss very well because they are much the same in my book unless they have a quality that makes them stand out. Most don't (including absurdly expensive ones)and this too is no exception. I expected better of these too since the Mineral line is a bit more expensive than their regular line and their other mineral products have impressed me to some degree.

Honestly this time around you're better off saving your 2 extra bucks and getting one of their Hypershine Glosses or Super Glossy Lip Shine. Both of which only cost 1 USD and are just as good, if not better, than these. No colors you can't find anywhere else (not that you'll see the color anyway) Most cheap glosses can give you that little shimmer and little bit of color...nothing special here. Not a huge loss but I will not be repurchasing.

Glossy Gloss
On to the Studio Glossy Gloss.
I bought these in Pink Candy (right) and Wild Watermelon.

You know how I said most lip glosses are the same since few of them have any stand out qualities? Well these are the opposite of the Mineral glosses! They have lots of opacity, they are noticeable without the aid of a complimentary lipstick. They are great for a more dramatic mouth and they come with a brush applicator!

I've been really impressed with almost everything I've bought from Elf's Studio line so far. Okay so they meet my personal requirements for greatness but they are probably not for everybody. Like people who don't like heavier or thicker glosses might wanna pass on these. I like the thickness of it though, it goes on really smooth and gives that nice lip lacquer look. 
Pink Candy(right) and Wild Watermelon over bare lips.

A problem that can occur with this though is because they are thick and pigmented you do NOT want these smearing so a lip liner is recommended. In these pictures I didn't have the benefit of one though as you can probably tell XD
I didn't have an Elf lipstick that went well with Wild so I used another bargain brand lipstick instead.
Pink Candy over Runway Pink Mineral lipstick and  Wild over Wet n' Wild 505A

They both last the standard 2 or so hours tops but if you can get a lip gloss to last longer than that through eating and drinking and still keeps it's shine then...well you're probably a witch or something XD But the staying power for both is pretty standard. I will be repurchasing the Glossy Gloss as long as they make it and I can't wait to try out some of the other colors!

The Mineral Gloss was a bit of a let down for me.
Wearing Pink Candy over Runway Pink.

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