Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bodyline order and new nails


I received my Bodyline orders this week. My two orders came the same day despite the fact that I ordered them many days apart. The first one must have gotten held up in customs for a while but they both made it!
In my first order I got 
This purse that I think would look good with some rockerish looks.

and these tights, I love the print but I can't, for the life of me, read the text in the talk bubbles! I can make out a few words but not many.

 My second order was these fun sunglasses, unfolded they look like Mickey Mouse ears huh? haha.

and this wig that I have plans for >:D

I have new nails too. Kind of princessy kind of simple. Although I have to admit I'm entirely too thrilled with them..

Ah yes, and if it's bugging you that you can't tell what my shirt says it's my "Blondes Prefer Gentlemen" tee shirt from a while back.


  1. omg! that wig is so cute!!! *O*
    i can't wait to see it on you!!!

    And you look so cute in the pic! ^^

    nice purchases :D

  2. Wow! All this is from Bodyline? You got some great stuff!

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  4. Thank you ^_^ Yep all from Bodyline, I plan on styling wig after I'm done with my other one.
    I really wish "loong" would stop leaving smapy comments on every post I mention a wig in though XD