Friday, February 17, 2012

The Balm and other recent makeup buys.

I recently (well a couple weeks ago)got some stuff from The Balm, a wonderful and somewhat still s somewhat underrated brand. Their products are usually good quality and their packaging is adorable and always vintage looking.
 I bought a blush duo pack that came with the blushes Down Boy and Frat Boy. I was really hoping they'd put out a set with Down Boy and Cabana Boy but no such luck!
I hear you can find these at TJ Maxx for $12 but I don't have a TJ Maxx in my town so I had to get it off of ebay for $20 :( Still a good deal though since they are usually about $20 each so it's like getting one free stilll!
The only problem with their blush packaging is that since they are made with a hard cardboard exterior they can get beat up easily. The packaging is really cute but not exactly the epitome of durability. 
The blushes themselves are great though. Pretty colors, great pigmentation and they last all day.
Down Boy, a pretty light pink with massive color pay off.

Frat Boy, a more peachy/pink

From The Balm, at Sephora, I got the Mary-Lou Manizer and I've been wanting this for soooo long. The name is a silly little play on words and the packaging, again, is lovely. With Mary-Lou's mug shot XD

Inside, is a very pretty light gold/champagne highlighter. Nice and sheen, lights up your face without making you look like a shiny glittery disco ball.

I also got It cosmetics concealer. It's supposed to be a heavy duty concealer (for $24 it better be)and I wanted it because my sleep schedule has been so irregular that my dark circles keep getting worse and worse lately.
It never really sets without powder which means if you don't use any, it can just slide around and wear off easily like a face cream that's just never really absorbed by the skin so better set it with some powder. You don't need very much, which is good since it's a small tube. It's pretty good but I'm not sure it's good enough to justify it's price.

 I got two NYX lipsticks, in Strawberry Milk
and Snow White.
I love them both! Strawberry milk is so pretty for gyaru looks.

Snow White is such an amazing shade of red, probably better suited for pinup looks. I wore it all day and it lasted through eating and drinking for several hours without touch ups and the color was still there! (not without SOME fading of course. But still, I was impressed.) It applies as a lustre but wears like a matte!

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