Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gyaru Model Looks Part 2: Nana Suzuki Makeup

Here is the second installment of my gyaru model looks!
Inspired by Nana's star-burst lashes, pale pink cheeks and milky pink lips. This still one of my all time favorite gyaru looks where it is pretty heavy on the lashes but still pretty sweet looking too.

Again, this isn't really a recent look of her's but it is my favorite and she did look this way for a long time. Also, when people say "Nana Suzuki makeup" I'm pretty sure this is the look
they're referring to.

Reference Picture.
I tried doing makeup liker her's before but I didn't have pointed top lashes or ANY bottom lashes at the time. Having those really makes all the difference in the world! I also wish I realize that she cuts the lower lashes into clusters and glues them on desperately before I glued on the whole strip. >_< I'll keep that in mind next time.
28 Neutral Palette

Here are few more pictures.
It's rained a bit recently.
Lower half...

Bye bye till next post!

Monday, February 27, 2012

A few new things.

My order through Treasure Japan finally came today. I placed it in mid January but since the store is relocating it took forever for them to send my order to me. I was afraid by the time I got the stuff I wouldn't want it anymore XD I only got a few small things from WC and Cocolulu.
A few WC buttons to decorate my vests or bags. I love that WC gives you the little shopping bag even though you weren't in the store. Kumatan is adorable and I'm totally gonna make some nails with him on them. I also got these tights. 

And this Union Jack necklace from Cocolulu. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I really like the union jack flag XD I don't know why but I thought this was going to be kind of rubbery like the rings I have of theirs. It's hard plastic though.
Cocolulu gave me a mini catalog of their winter collection.
Even though I'm gearing up for Spring now this'll still make me want to buy more stuff even if it is "sooo last season" D:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lightened hair and nautical nails.

Mission this summer: Get a tan!
I lightened my hair, as I usually do when Spring is nearing, using The Clairol Born Blonde kit.
I'm kinda of scared of the ones with the powder packets XD And with good reason! As you can see it turned my hair preeeety light. I didn't have to leave it on very long since my hair wasn't very dark. It's still a little yellowy even after toning shampoo but I kind of like it XD 

It's fine though because soon I want to FINALLY dye the underneath with my pink dye which I have been meaning to do forever!  I tested the pink dye on an extension piece that was the same color as my old hair and it barely turned it pink at all :( This seems like it would be light enough for that now.
I've been trying out my Candy Grey lenses instead of my Candy Green ones lately

I don't know if you can tell but this is actually an updo.

My hair is still in surprisingly  good condition. I've been using the Pantene keratin protection creme on it when I get out of the shower and L'oreal Everstrong Sulfate Free Overnight Treatment on it before I go to bed. I do honestly believe the Pantene helps soften my hair and the L'oreal helps keep it strong.

I also discovered I'm one of those girls that probably shouldn't wink XD Or at least not with such massive lashes on.

Side Notes: I made these nautical themed nails.

And my Nana Suzuki look will be up next week for part 2 of my gyaru model tribute :D It's been fun trying to recreate some of these looks since I don't usually model my makeup after any gal in particular.

Friday, February 24, 2012

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara

Tonight I'm reviewing the L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara that I got a couple of weeks ago. I've been using it on a somewhat regular basis and so far I have mixed feelings about it. 
Bare eyes except for highlighter on the inner corners and mascara on the right.
Most of what I'm about to explain is easily seen in the picture above. Firstly, it can clump up pretty easily but it does give a lot of volume and length. But since I like gyaru makeup it won't be replacing my false lashes anytime soon XD The clumping might be because it's a "fiber mascara". I still use it because I wear false lashes on top so what mascara I use is pretty irrelevant.
Used this lash guard to apply it and comb it out.
With out false lashes on top it can look nice if you keep the coatings light and comb it out well. It does flake off a little bit after a while and can transfer to below your eye which is annoying as all hell. It does add quite a lot of volume and length but the clumping and flaking really take away quite a few points on this one. When you get down to it, the cons outweigh the pros in my book and I probably wouldn't buy it again unless it was on sale (like 30% off or more). It's so-so for me but if you can deal with some flaking and lots of clumping, go for it.
Volume: 7/10
Length: 8/10
Anti-Flake: 4/10
Anti-Clump: 3/10
Overall: 7/10
Gwen Stefani, looking beautiful. But still obviously wearing fake lashes.

And can we talk about the ad for a minute? All mascara ads really. This is something that has ALWAYS really annoyed me. How blatant cosmetic companies are about having their models wear falsies for mascara ads! But does even more so this time since this mascara claims to give you that false lash look. And they're STILL obviously very fake. Or maybe they thought they could pass it off as their "false lash effect". I don't expect my lashes to ever look like the ads but the problem is, if I can't expect that, I don't know what to expect. It's like "Hey our mascara is SO amazing! Just look how it enhances the false lashes she still has to wear!" XD It's something that has always irked me and apparently something they have done since the dawn of mascara. 
Check out the lashes on this ad.
I just don't get what the point is when it's always so obvious they have fake lashes on too :/ I mean, who knows what their lashes look like underneath? People aren't always going to wanna wear false lashes on top like in the ads and not everyone wants to look like they're wearing fake lashes either.( Not me, obviously. lol). Why can't they just show us what their mascara is really capable of ? 
Are they're any mascara ads that don't have the model sporting falsies?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Old School (2007-08)Tsubasa Makeup

This will be the first in a series of looks I'll try out, paying tribute to my favorite gyaru models and their more signature looks.

That being said, this is inspired by Tsubasa's 2007-2008ish look when she really boomed in popularity with modeling for Liz Lisa, Palty ads and the release of Magic To Love. I thought I'd specify a time frame because there's a  big difference between how she looked in those days as opposed to how she looks now and this is the look I still consider to be her most prominent trademark.
Tsubasa Masuwaka makeup.

I also thought I'd try this look out because I think she looked particularly pretty around this time.
Reference pictures.

LASHES: Are both Ebay

I would also like to try out her "Milky Bunny/Bunny Days" look some day too although I'm not as big a fan of that look.

The Balm and other recent makeup buys.

I recently (well a couple weeks ago)got some stuff from The Balm, a wonderful and somewhat still s somewhat underrated brand. Their products are usually good quality and their packaging is adorable and always vintage looking.
 I bought a blush duo pack that came with the blushes Down Boy and Frat Boy. I was really hoping they'd put out a set with Down Boy and Cabana Boy but no such luck!
I hear you can find these at TJ Maxx for $12 but I don't have a TJ Maxx in my town so I had to get it off of ebay for $20 :( Still a good deal though since they are usually about $20 each so it's like getting one free stilll!
The only problem with their blush packaging is that since they are made with a hard cardboard exterior they can get beat up easily. The packaging is really cute but not exactly the epitome of durability. 
The blushes themselves are great though. Pretty colors, great pigmentation and they last all day.
Down Boy, a pretty light pink with massive color pay off.

Frat Boy, a more peachy/pink

From The Balm, at Sephora, I got the Mary-Lou Manizer and I've been wanting this for soooo long. The name is a silly little play on words and the packaging, again, is lovely. With Mary-Lou's mug shot XD

Inside, is a very pretty light gold/champagne highlighter. Nice and sheen, lights up your face without making you look like a shiny glittery disco ball.

I also got It cosmetics concealer. It's supposed to be a heavy duty concealer (for $24 it better be)and I wanted it because my sleep schedule has been so irregular that my dark circles keep getting worse and worse lately.
It never really sets without powder which means if you don't use any, it can just slide around and wear off easily like a face cream that's just never really absorbed by the skin so better set it with some powder. You don't need very much, which is good since it's a small tube. It's pretty good but I'm not sure it's good enough to justify it's price.

 I got two NYX lipsticks, in Strawberry Milk
and Snow White.
I love them both! Strawberry milk is so pretty for gyaru looks.

Snow White is such an amazing shade of red, probably better suited for pinup looks. I wore it all day and it lasted through eating and drinking for several hours without touch ups and the color was still there! (not without SOME fading of course. But still, I was impressed.) It applies as a lustre but wears like a matte!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Re-REstyling my wig.

The work as it progressed lol

Well I put Lola(my Styrofoam head) to work straightaway after I got her since I wanted to style this wig again. 
It looks so funny on the stand XD

I wanted to reshape it, recolor it and recurl it.
I love Yumachi's chunking lowlights here. So I went for a similar coloring (lowlight-wise anyway). I usually do better at these things when I have a pic(s) for inspiration but I still want tighter curls than in the pictures below.

I wanted a totally different curl size/shape this time around so I dumped boiling water over it to straighten it out again. It doesn't really matter if it gets it pin straight, just straight enough to work with again. Then I just took a razor/comb to it to soften up the layers a little bit.

It's fun to look at it once it's half done and realize how long it actually is.

Then I recolored it with acrylic ink using the same dye recipe as this one (same ink color and all). Except this time I wanted to streak it with large chunks.

Here's how you use a simple plastic bag to protect the hair you don't want to touch the freshly dyed streaks in the above layer.
So I just kept going like that until I reached the top. Once you reach the top and bangs you can use foil to separate the strands you intend to dye from the strands you intend to keep undyed. I just used a big sheet of foil to lay the strands over instead of the traditional one piece per strand method because I need to keep the foil unfolded so it can dry properly. If you can't get close enough to the roots by spraying just dip a Q-tip in the dye and apply it to the roots that way.
Let it sit overnight and rinse it in cold water the next morning.

Curling is pretty straightforward. Wet the hair and curl it with a large barrel iron (mine is a 1 inch barrel all around and 1 1/2 toward the front). Using a LOW setting on your iron, hold it for about ten seconds or so, depending on your irons heat. It helps to use clips to hold the curls until the hair dries.

After it had been curled, I put the finishing touches on it by brushing out the curls, teasing at the roots and around the crown a bit and used my Revlon finishing spray for synthetic hair.

Wow! I got to use a lot of my Sally Order in this post! XD
Well, I hope this helped anyone hoping to streak or highlight synthetic hair and tune in next time to see what I do with this silver monster!

Bye bye for now!