Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sally Beauty Supply Order

Here's a few things I bought from Sally Beauty Supply this week ^_^

I bought some Femme Couture gel liner in black.

Some cuticle oil I'm hoping with help with those annoying callouses on my index and middle fingers >.<

And a couple of things to restyle my wig with (again) .
Firstly, a Styrofoam head! I honestly can't believe I've gone this long without one considering how many wigs I have. 
She needs a face though so I'll just draw one on 'cause her blank head is freaking me out XD I've also decided her name is Lola!

Some styling spray for synthetic hair.

A styling razor/comb to add in some more layers.

And a teasing comb, another thing I am amazed I went so long without.

I want to re-restyle this wig because the curls are becoming a little unruly lately and I'm just getting kinda sick of looking at it like this.

I'm gonna straighten it, cut in some more layers, add some brunette streaks and re-curl it and maybe change the part. I'll probably make a post on that too.


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    1. Usually from Ebay, no specific seller but I always look for really good feedback regarding the wigs they've sold.

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