Sunday, January 22, 2012

Laura Geller Spackle Sampler Trio Swatches


I got these in the mail yesterday! I've been wanting to try this spackle (under makeup primer) for soooo long but I seriously couldn't decide which one I wanted to try. So I got this lovely trio of the original, champagne and bronze spackle. They are each 1.oz, and the 1.oz tubes are usually $15.50 each. So at $36.50 it's like getting $10 off if you were planning to buy them all anyway.

The original is colorless, Champagne adds a bit of a golden glow and the Bronze gives a little bit of color. Champagne and Bronze are both very subtle in the color that they give you, despite what they look like in the tube.

Champagne and Bronze do have some glittery bits in them but not really enough to be noticeable especially if you're using it under makeup. I've seen that some people complain that it's too glittery but I can only come to the conclusion that maybe they used too much?  I understand that concern though, if you go for a sheerer coverage than I normally would. So if you wear sheerer foundations, I'd go for the Original. Champagne and Bronze are really nice for a summer glow. Maybe go for Champagne if you're fair (like me) want a bit of a glow or Bronze for tanner complexions.

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