Monday, December 24, 2012

Toyoepin Dollywink and Diamond Lash dupes.

As I'm sure many of you know Dolly Wink lashes are big in gal. However, lashes add up and get expensive fast if you like the Japanese brands but live overseas. It's also harder to find lashes that suite gyaru makeup as swell as some specific brands over here. I never bought any Dolly Wink lashes because at $17-20 for just 2 pairs I can't help but see it as a rip off, same as I see most Dolly Wink and Candy Doll products with their small packaging and very dupeable products(sorry Tsubasa! XD). It never seems like any of the products are good enough to justify that price for that amount of product (as far as I can tell from reviews). Maybe if I ever take a trip and see them in the store I'd go for it but here in America? No way.

Diamond Lash is more reasonably priced, between $15-20 for five pairs. Even so, when I saw a couple pairs on Ebay that were basically identical for less than half the price, of course I went for it! So there are two Dolly Wink dupes and two Diamond Lash dupes and some kind of double as both.

I came across these on Ebay under the brand name "Toyoepin" from the seller colorlens4less_net (no point in linking the store since they don't seem to be selling them anymore) for about $7 a set  and you get between 3 and 5 pairs of top lashes depending on the style you choose the pairs with 3 include two bottom lashes instead. I bought 4 different styles. They do have an official site here but they don't ship overseas, as far as I can tell, so your best bet is probably still ebay. Although I have seen these EXACT lashes at some shops online for $20 a set, what a mark up! Good lashes are really NOT that expensive to make. I get that companies want their slice too, but damn XD Anyway on to the lashes!

#7719: Whole Face
Style #7719 is similar to Dolly Wink's Dolly Sweet lashes. Also very similar to Diamond Lash Sexy Eye (Sexy Eye may be closer considering the Toyoepin lashes don't have the small spiked lashes at the front).
#7719: Close up

Side note: Style #7726 (which I do not have) does have the small spikes and may be an even better Dolly Sweet dupe!

Style #7715: Whole face

Style #7715: Close up
Style #7715 look a lot like Dolly Wink's Girly Sweet lashes.

#7718: Whole Face
#7718: Close up
Style #7718 is similar to Diamond Lash Celeb eye.

I know people say Celeb Eye is similar to Dolly Sweet but if you look closely you can see Dolly Sweet has three bold points toward the inner eye with one semi-bold point on the outer edge, while Celeb Eye has  five bold points right at the center.

#7714: Whole face

#7714: Close up

Style #7714 reminded me of Diamond Lash Girly Eye. 

The bands are clear, thin and flexible. It also have the sticky residue on the band like Diamond Lash (I don't know about Dolly Wink). They are less shiny than Diamond Lashes and very lightweight. The styles are lovely and exactly as they were shown in the pictures. Some pairs come with only three top sets and two sets of lower lashes. In some of these pictures I didn't wear the lashes to their full potential as far as pushing them up to really make the eyes pop goes, so they can look nicer than this if have the time to work with them.

These lower lashes are very much like F-09 style you can also get off of ebay too (the ones in the white boxes). They don't resemble any Dolly Wink or Diamond Lashes so there's not too much to say about them here.

I'm very happy with these lashes and if you're looking for a cost effective alternative to the more expensive lashes you may want to give these a go. I feel like this went on way too long, as usual, but I do enjoy being thourough so hopefully this'll help someone! XD

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cat girl.

As the title suggests I've noticed quite a lot of cat themed clothes and accessories in magazines lately. I especially took notice of all the cat eared hats in gal mags for fall/winter in many different styles from beanies to bowlers. 

I wanted to buy one but I wasn't sure which style would look best on me and I'm not too keen on the idea of having an overabundance of cat eared hats. So I finally decided on the beret version. 
It seemed the most grown up because y'know...mature grown women love to wear cat ears and stuff! XD 

I also bought the Chococat dress from Forever21 a little while back and I thought the cat eared beret would compliment it nicely. So I put together this cat themed outfit. I actually got these both late last month but I just now got around to wearing either of them.

Dress/Cardigan: Forever21
Hat: Ebay
Purse: Sanrio
Shoes: Beacon
Necklace: Etsy
Bracelet: Mivita

I know MURUA sells this style and  Galstar too but mine is just the ebay version. It's well made though and very comfortable. I feel like mine more closely resembles the MURUA version. It's made of wool, so it's very hard to keep lint off of it though!
MURUA version
Galstar's Nekomimi beret.
Shirts and sweaters with cat faces on them seem pretty popular too but I'm just not into them...I owned enough of those in the 90's lol.
On another note, I bought this gorgeous pendant from Julie Alberti on Etsy. 

It's a little Buster Keaton face! I love it so much! It's made of porcelain and you can chose from different paint detail. I originally wanted style A but it was sold out so I chose style B from a new batch.
New batch
Her work is so beautiful! She also does prints and ceramic figures, including a stunning Peter Lorre ball jointed doll that I wish I could afford lol, very talented. I only wish she did other silent film star pendants, I'd definitely want to collect them all. I bet Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Clara Bow and Louise Brooks' faces would look so great in this style since they all have such iconic faces.

I know not many (if any) of my followers on this blog are into silent films or their stars but I just had gush over this pendant and the incredibly talented girl that made it. Also...I've been having a little Buster Keaton marathon all last week so it seemed like a good time to make this purchase as an early Christmas gift to myself. See you in the next post.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Red Headed Gals :D

I went digging in my closet this week, and I found my old red wig that I bought about 3 or 4 years ago and tried it on. It still looks pretty new...probably because I hardly ever wear it.
I always wondered why I didn't see very many gals with dark red hair (I see some with very bright red hair though) But I was always very struck by how pretty dark red/auburn hair looks on gals so I wanted to try a gal look with some red hair for once.
I must admit I am suffering from a poor choice in bottom lashes. This wig kills me though because it looks so normal in day light but with the flash it's shiny -_-
In daylight
I had some good inspiration in the arena of gals with red hair. From the very temporary days these models had red hair.
Romihi looking gorgeous in red hair.
Tsubasa looking so cute as a redhead.
Bonus: Satomi, Kumikki and Natsumi sporting the red.
I was sick with a stomach virus for a while and couldn't really be bothered to do updates, so my look has been fairly simplistic lately. I might style this wig in the future but I think the simple waves look fine for now.

Top,Vest, Skirt: Forever21
Tights, Shoes, Necklace: Ebay

I also tried my new Alice In Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)White Rabbit tattoo tights, that have a picture of what almost looks like the John Tenniel illustration of the White Rabbit from the book (but not quite) and says "Suivez Moi", or "Follow Me" in French, above the the rabbit. These are my first pair of tattoo tights. I really like them and think this would actually make a very pretty real tattoo XD

I made a new banner for my blog and got a new background the other day btw :D
I like it much better than the old one.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

E.L.F baked products.(swatches)

Of the e.l.f baked products, I bought 3 blushes, 2 bronzers and 2 eyeshadows.
First up, the blushes in (from left to right) Passion Pink, Peachy Cheeky and Pinktastic.
These can be difficult for people with oily skin because their sheen leans into shimmer territory and can make already oily skin just gleam. I think these are great as blush enhancers and Pinktastic is a beautiful highlight. Maybe that's the way they're supposed to be since they are commonly compared to MAC Mineralize Skinfinish but then why advertise them as blush? 

These are really better for adding dimension to a more pigmented blush you're already wearing. I just can't picture using these alone as a blush, they'd just come off too shiny if I were to try and get them at the opacity I like in a blush.

Next, the eye shadows in Bark and Enchanted.
I was pretty pleased with one of these, the pigmentation of Bark was really awesome but Enchanted left me disappointed. Instead of the pretty color you see in the pan (or even on my swatch that I had to built up) you just get a wash of the gold shimmer color over your eyes. 

You have to be patient with these and build color gradually if you want them to blend. They are workable, I just wish Enchanted showed up better. It's pretty over a similar shade though and with a white base the color would probably really show.

And the bronzers in Los Cabos and Maui.

As far as color payoff goes it really depends on the color you choose. Maui is a lot like Enchanted when comes to the difference between the color in the pan and what shows up on your skin. Los Cabos on the other hand has great pigmentation, it's very blendable and it does have some glittery bits but they show up as more of a glow.

Getting a proper swatch of Maui and Enchanted took a little more effort than it should have but I really wanted to show those colors with the highest opacity possible without a base or primer.

Overall Pinktastic, Bark and Los Cabos came out on top in these purchases. Passion Pink and Peachy Cheeky are pretty good (the blushes are all nice)but Maui and Enchanted were both disappointments. So this really comes down to the shades you select.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Oldies but Goodies. W♥C favorites.

I haven't updated in a while again, there's not really a reason for it I just haven't felt like making an entry. It's been a very crappy couple of weeks.

Anyway, I've been having trouble with the weather transition here since it's 75 degrees one day and then 40 and raining the next. Normally, once the season has changed I transfer my summer clothes into the closet and put my fall/winter clothes into my dresser for easier access. Now I have a random assortment of clothes strewn everywhere since I need a sleeveless shirt one day and a sweater the next. 
While hauling clothes back and forth, I found my "I'm Poor But Good Looking" shirt stuffed in the back of one of my dresser drawers . Since it was warm and sunny (but then expected to be cooler in the evening) I wore it for the first time in about a year.
Top, Tights, Ring, Hair bow: W♥C
Jacket: JouJou
Shorts (yes there are shorts under there), Shoes, Necklace: Forever21
Bracelet: Rachel Roy
Having fun pretending I can edit worth crap. Hooray for camera's shutter XD
I think the white/grey tee shirt versions may have been more popular since they sold that variety for a longer time but the long, colorful, sleeveless version was always my favorite. So I'll keep it and continue to wear it even though it's not exactly "on trend" anymore.
 W♥C actually has a few popular items that I just can't seem to stop wearing no matter how long ago they peaked in popularity.

I also wore my skull sweater and matching tights (because you gotta have matching tights)this week too. Lame pose but I just banged my arm really hard on a doorknob XXD
Sweater, tights:W♥C
Hat, shoes, necklace: Forever21
Skirt: Glad News 
Ring: Ebay

 It might not be cool to say, since gyaru is all about trends...but I was never really that trendy a person. I find something I really like and keep it (and wear it) for years and years. So although I like a lot of the fashion gyaru has to offer I may not always be up to date in the latest trends if I don't really like them.
 That being said, I recently saw the S/S 2013 show for W♥C and while there are some cute dresses and vests, overall it's just too bohemian looking for me with the excess of peasant tops and tattered frilly skirts. I did see few pieces I liked and the heart shaped sunglasses are cute but overall I just don't think I'm gonna be really into the s/s 2013 releases if this show is an indicator.
S/S 2011 is still my favorite
I think 2010 to mid-2011 is when W♥C released most of my favorite pieces so far, that was a very solid run of me saying "I want that!" to everything W♥C lol. When I love W♥C I really love it but it can be pretty hit or miss from season to season.
Autumn 2011
I remember being a bit disappointed in the earthy colored vintage looking Autumn 2011 catalog and only warming up to a few pieces. Then also being a let down by the sugary sweetness of the Spring 2012 releases. It wasn't bad but something about it just felt so mundane. I understand that brands evolve but I always end up missing that punky zest when it's gone.
Spring 2012
The saving grace with W♥C, no matter how much I'm not feeling the overall season, always seems to be Chinatsu's wonderful use of denim (usually in the form of vests) which I saw a return of come summer 2012.
Summer 2012
But then by the autumn/winter releases it was back to hit or miss pieces.
Autumn/Winter 2012
But I see some denim I'm liking for the upcoming year and that's very good in my book!

On another note I got my Dolly Wink dupe lashes last week. I might do a review on them soon.
My nails are a very simple Minnie Mouse themed set right now.
And that's about it.