Sunday, December 18, 2011

New hair cut and being sick blows...

So I got some layers cut into my hair and a few inches taken off the bottom.
Unflattering light :/

With the shortest layers on top it looks soooo short when it's curled now :( I've been trying to grow my hair out these last 2 years but lately it's been so blech...I can always use extensions when I get tired of looking at my short hair lol.

The main reason I got layers put in is because I've been looking for ways to get more volume in my hair since....well forever. My hair is thin/fine and is so easily weighed down by product that teasing/backcombing and using hair spray doesn't generally work for me. It's high for about 20 minutes then falls flat and I'm left to comb out a ratted mess. I've also used hot rollers and while they do give some fullness they don't really add any lift at the root where I want it. So my hope is that with less hair to hold up I can get it higher.

The cut was vaguely modeled after Shizuka Takeda's. When I saw it I thought it looked nice without extensions but would still probably be able to work with extensions too and lend more volume to the top.

Still so cute in a casual do.

Hopefully you can't tell from the pictures but I'm still recovering from a slight bout of the flu that was followed by a massive bout of bronchitis :( It seems to be taking it's sweet time to go away but I'll probably be better before Christmas :D
 Hanukkah is starting on the 20th so if any Jewish folks are reading this have a very happy 8 days!


  1. I have the same problem with my fine hair, which is why I resorted to keeping it straight and long (though after the hairdresser chopped all of mine off, I don't think I'll be going back -.- ) Even if I put lovely curls into it, it just falls flat, though curling with straighteners seemed to help it hold for longer~ now my hair is short, I dont dare curl it lol

    I find that washing my hair over the bath helps, because all the roots are pushed up and when I blow dry it, it seems to have volume. For a while at least.. *le sigh*

    And you don't look sick at all! Fab as always :) xx

  2. It's so frustrating! lol I'm thinking of getting that hair powder too. I hope it helps.

    Thank you ^_^ I coughed through the whole time I was curling my hair! XD And then after all that it rained, and I need to stay inside if I'm gonna get better.

  3. your hair looks lovely :) and your naiiils *--*
    I also just recovered from a flu..well not really I guess ;D flus are soo annoying!

  4. Thank you! ^_^
    Sorry to hear that! Everyone seems to be getting sick this month. I hope you're better before Christmas.