Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas!

Well the holiday started off with my neighbor bringing over homemade fudge and a tin of Christmas cookies!

It was kind of wonderfully bizarre because we don't live in that type of jolly neighborly neighborhood haha. It was very nice though and very good too! Well I spent Christmas with my family (only my immediate family, of course) and had our Chili dog dinner.

Then we all watched A Christmas Carol. We got to open one present and I chose the one my niece got for me. A dolphin ring that doesn't fit on any of my fingers! XD

Slides right off the thumbs! Maybe I can hang it from a chain?
Nothing insane, for once! Just a very very normal Christmas eve I'm proud to say.

Christmas Day!

Then after getting very little sleep, we got up the next morning to open presents! I got a Betsey Johnson Monkey necklace from my brother.

Skullcandy ear buds, from my mom.

Harajuku Lovers macaroon mini bag, from my mom.

And from my youngest brother I got a Betsey Johnson crystal skull necklace.

A Rachel Roy charm bracelet.

And the thing that, perhaps, I wanted the most this year! lol

Well that's not true the thing I want the most every year is to spend the day with my family :) I feel like they all try so hard to make Christmas special and nice that they become hypersensitive and are so easily set off by the smallest things. Once that happens everyone goes insane and the whole day gets ruined!

And then just as sure as the sun rises in the niece got sick after breakfast. She kept throwing up and my sister couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. It didn't seem that serious but none of the rest of us were sick and she seemed fine otherwise. No fever, no dizziness, no physical pain she just kept throwing up. So my sister freaked out and off to the hospital her, my niece and mom went. It only figures something like this would happen because it's not a holiday in our home until something goes wrong. They left around 1 pm and got back well after 7 pm. So we had to put off dinner until 10. And the doctors could tell them anything either...just a stomach virus 6 hours of Christmas wasted! I don't get it, my brothers are always so cool during the holidays but my sister and mom are well...insane and in turn drive me insane! But  hey, they're supposed to drive you crazy...they're family. If you're lucky enough to be spending the holidays with your family this year (and even if you're not) I hope you have very happy holiday season. Mine was blessing but it always is.

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