Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas!

Well the holiday started off with my neighbor bringing over homemade fudge and a tin of Christmas cookies!

It was kind of wonderfully bizarre because we don't live in that type of jolly neighborly neighborhood haha. It was very nice though and very good too! Well I spent Christmas with my family (only my immediate family, of course) and had our Chili dog dinner.

Then we all watched A Christmas Carol. We got to open one present and I chose the one my niece got for me. A dolphin ring that doesn't fit on any of my fingers! XD

Slides right off the thumbs! Maybe I can hang it from a chain?
Nothing insane, for once! Just a very very normal Christmas eve I'm proud to say.

Christmas Day!

Then after getting very little sleep, we got up the next morning to open presents! I got a Betsey Johnson Monkey necklace from my brother.

Skullcandy ear buds, from my mom.

Harajuku Lovers macaroon mini bag, from my mom.

And from my youngest brother I got a Betsey Johnson crystal skull necklace.

A Rachel Roy charm bracelet.

And the thing that, perhaps, I wanted the most this year! lol

Well that's not true the thing I want the most every year is to spend the day with my family :) I feel like they all try so hard to make Christmas special and nice that they become hypersensitive and are so easily set off by the smallest things. Once that happens everyone goes insane and the whole day gets ruined!

And then just as sure as the sun rises in the niece got sick after breakfast. She kept throwing up and my sister couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. It didn't seem that serious but none of the rest of us were sick and she seemed fine otherwise. No fever, no dizziness, no physical pain she just kept throwing up. So my sister freaked out and off to the hospital her, my niece and mom went. It only figures something like this would happen because it's not a holiday in our home until something goes wrong. They left around 1 pm and got back well after 7 pm. So we had to put off dinner until 10. And the doctors could tell them anything either...just a stomach virus 6 hours of Christmas wasted! I don't get it, my brothers are always so cool during the holidays but my sister and mom are well...insane and in turn drive me insane! But  hey, they're supposed to drive you crazy...they're family. If you're lucky enough to be spending the holidays with your family this year (and even if you're not) I hope you have very happy holiday season. Mine was blessing but it always is.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

New hair cut and being sick blows...

So I got some layers cut into my hair and a few inches taken off the bottom.
Unflattering light :/

With the shortest layers on top it looks soooo short when it's curled now :( I've been trying to grow my hair out these last 2 years but lately it's been so blech...I can always use extensions when I get tired of looking at my short hair lol.

The main reason I got layers put in is because I've been looking for ways to get more volume in my hair since....well forever. My hair is thin/fine and is so easily weighed down by product that teasing/backcombing and using hair spray doesn't generally work for me. It's high for about 20 minutes then falls flat and I'm left to comb out a ratted mess. I've also used hot rollers and while they do give some fullness they don't really add any lift at the root where I want it. So my hope is that with less hair to hold up I can get it higher.

The cut was vaguely modeled after Shizuka Takeda's. When I saw it I thought it looked nice without extensions but would still probably be able to work with extensions too and lend more volume to the top.

Still so cute in a casual do.

Hopefully you can't tell from the pictures but I'm still recovering from a slight bout of the flu that was followed by a massive bout of bronchitis :( It seems to be taking it's sweet time to go away but I'll probably be better before Christmas :D
 Hanukkah is starting on the 20th so if any Jewish folks are reading this have a very happy 8 days!

Monday, December 12, 2011

3D Rudolph nails for Christmas and my second video :)

Some people have expressed interest in how exactly I go about making my sets of nails. So I made a little video showing exactly how I use polymer clay instead of acrylic powder for 3D designs. I got a HUGE lot of Fimo and Sculpy polymer clay last year off of ebay for a good deal...despite a nasty bidding war. So I'm pretty much set color-wise for making the pieces. However, if you want to try this and you don't have all the colors you want you can always just make the pieces and paint over them if you have the colors in paint/nail polish instead.

So here is my set of nails that has 3D pieces on every finger and just in time for the holidays! Clarice and Rudolph on the thumbs. Hermey and the Abominable Snowman on the index fingers. Santa and Yukon Cornelius on the middle fingers. Mrs Claus and Sam the Snowman on the ring fingers. Dolly and the Pink spotted elephant on the pinkies.

A Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer set! This set is based on the 1964 TV special. It just doesn't feel like the holiday season until I've watched this...and Home Alone lol XD

 I apologize if the instructions are a little fast moving in the video, but you can always pause it if you need to.

I was always bigger on sculpting than painting so this method works better for me. It gives me more control over the outcome of the design and the ability to do it over again if I royally screw it up. All before I even have to attach it to the nail! It may not be the method for everyone, but it's a method XD It only took about a half hour to do the whole set (minus baking time).

These usually last at least a week or two depending on your activities and the strength of your glue. Also, if you keep them clean you can always glue them back on ^_^ Well I hope you enjoyed and maybe you can try it out too! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Class is over...for now.

I returned my text books today. Class is done for the semester. Got A's and B's...missed an A by TWO points -_-No real breaks come with this school thing . What little time you have "off" you spend getting your ducks all in a row for next semester. Choosing your classes, signing up for your classes, renting/buying books, filling out paper work lol it gets mind numbing.

I wore my Brando shirt out today. It says "What would Brando do?" on it XD

As anybody who has known me for more than a day knows, young Marlon Brando is ultimate celebrity crush lol. 
I know I've said I've wanted a more rocker look lately but I couldn't help doing my makeup more sweetly today.

Took advantage of the full length mirror they have in the bathroom at school...apparently I'm the only one who finds it odd that they have one in there...

While I was waiting for the bus I went to the grocery store and found some 오이 소박이.

Got bored waiting at the bus stop and watched the birds lol
The weather was nice. I'm glad we're finally moving into winter here though because it's time to whip out one of my very favorite perfumes. Prada L'eau Ambree smells soooo good, especially in the winter time for some reason.

BTW the answer to question on my shirt:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Projects of the Month (and other stuff from Oct-Nov)

No. I'm not dead. Well my computer charger broke a few weeks ago and I've been reliant on my mom's computer (which I can only use for up to an hour a day). I finally managed to get my charger replaced and thought it high time for an update.

Every month or so I have a few of these little projects that I'm in absolutely NO rush to finish XD...keeps the creative juices flowing and helps reinforce my d.i.y ethic lol Not really, just something to kill time with when I'm bored. I just work on it in small increments whenever I have a spare moment...or am really bored (Usually Sunday mornings are when I get the most work done on them).
Made Extensions
This past month I had a T-shirt and hair extensions to work on. And this week I finished up both of them.
Got these from Sally's in September and cut them into sections.
When I got bored again I folded and stitched each section.
 Then I got the clips and sewed them onto each section. I dyed these ones too  (NOT with a ash dye this time haha) since they were a bit too light for my hair and voila!

I believe I stole this pose from Sakurina XD
These are advertised as 18" but I measured them and they are actually 19". They add more length than I thought they would, especially when they're left uncurled.

Remade a Shirt
In the meantime I also had this Misfits tee from...idk some t-shirt shop for $8 it's been sitting around for ages and it's really big and prime material for DIY project.

First week I filled in the letters with hot pink fabric paint.
It took a LOT of fitting and self measuring to get it to fit well around the waist and chest. I still need to take in the waist a bit....bu I almost always do so that's nothing new.
Here's a rough cut of  the shape I wanted. I'm clearly no seamstress, so this is how I go about drawing up what I want it look like XD. I thought I webbed pattern back would be fitting for the horror punk theme.
  Very crude diagram I made in paint.
The "web" is made up of straps of fabric cut from the back, braided into small sections, sewn into a spiderweb-like formation and fitted the web according to how taut I wanted it to fit.

 However after I got it to the point of my original diagram I thought it was a little too plain and braided/sewed in more "web" pieces.
Finished back, clearly the waist needs to be taken in still.

But then after I got all that done...I kinda plateaued and didn't know what else I wanted to do with it. I felt like it needed something more but I just couldn't put my finger on what that was. Then another source of inspiration hit when I remembered seeing the crimson ghost in 2ne1's I Am The Best music video.

STUDS! I need studs!
Park Bom's actually looks like it has a layer of chain mail pinned around the band's logo but the studs of CL's jacket seemed more like a realistic option. So I bought a bunch of studs and whenever I was bored for the rest of the month I'd apply them section by section....God, it was tedious.

Finished front and back.

For the collar (which was formed of sleeve remnants fitted to my neck) I made a stud pattern. I had to line the collar with a piece of denim cut from some old pants, since tee shirt fabric isn't tough enough to stand as a neck piece and denim holds the studs much better. I still need to add another layer of backing to it because I don't like the studs rubbing against my throat. They aren't perfectly lined up isn't the imperfections part of the beauty of DIY porjects? No? Well, let's pretend it is anyway .
Collar with a little skull stud that I glued pink gems into the eye sockets at the center .

Got Some New Lenses
I also got my Barbie King Size grey's last month. 

My purchases with Pinky Paradise is a bit disappointing this time around...I put in the code to get the animal case and free gift. I got the case but no mystery gift :( Last time I got the actual Barbie brand this time I got the G&G BT brand. They're the same print at any rate though so that's okay. I finally got the elephant case that I've always wanted (in yellow too!). So I'm happy about that.

Comfort: 10/10
Design: 9/10 (not great for light eyes but if you have naturally larger pupils they can work)
Enlargement: 9/10
Color: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

Got Nail Art Pens
FINALLY, I got my nail art pens and nail glue!!! Three months I waited or these mofos! Got lost in the mail the first time and then i had to wait for a resend from overseas. SO annoying!
So I've been making nails like there's no tomorrow...or like there is a tomorrow and I have twelve hands that all need nails. My first set is kinda simple, since I haven't many ideas for my first set in months apparently. But they're okay I guess.

 I stopped wearing nails for a while since I got this ugly callous on the side of the nail bed and everyone thought it might be because of my nails. But then I didn't wear nails for three months and another one came up on my middle finger! So screw it, more nails it is! I think they might come from the way I hold books actually XD  

Let's see what else? Ah, I spent Thanksgiving with my family, of course. We set up the Christmas tree and watched Thanksgiving specials after we stuffed our faces.

I really should update more. Bye bye for now.