Monday, October 3, 2011

Gyaru Improvment Meme Update

I've been meaning to update this forEVER. I've skipped a few months but here is the update of my Gyaru Improvment Meme made by Lizzie ( I didn't credit her last time >.<) So here it goes.

Home Alone face in the first and last pics! I think I had a mini breakthrough in June XD lining the bottom of my eye has become easier and started to look somewhat better. I have better bottom lashes now too so hopefully I can get the hang of them and update every month for the remainder of the year.


  1. Waow such an improvement for the gyaru stylings, im impressed! I wish i could change like that i want to be more Gyaru but its hard to get it right

  2. Thanks :D I think it can be a hard look to get right because there are so many areas to improve in makeup, hair, clothes and nails. But if you stick with it I'm sure you'll improve.