Monday, October 31, 2011

Another flapper Halloween.

For Halloween this year I decided to recycle my flapper girl costume from a few years ago and modify it for a Louise Brooks look.

Last time I wasn't really going for the look of anyone in particular so I just did the standard flapper makeup. Pale face, coal rimmed hallow looking eyes, low thin sad brows and small defined dark mouth. But every flapper was different and had a different preference when it came to their makeup.

This year I just traded out my blonde finger wave wig for my already very Louise looking black bob wig and modified the typical "flapper makeup" to better fit Louise's trademark style. I actually wanted to be Clara Bow, but I haven't the wig or the hair for her this year XD Louise is great though too! And a close second for my favorite actress of the roaring 20's.

The idea came to me when I was watching the "Lulu in Berlin" interview she did for Richard Leacock and Susan Steinberg. Fascinating times those were, in the silent era! It's so amazing to hear a firsthand, seemingly very honest, account of those times in Hollywood and everywhere really. This look was fun as 1920's looks always are for me. The eyebrows were so hard to do since Louise's were so low and straight and mine are naturally quite high and arched. The lips were no stroll through the park either I had to cover about 45% of my lips to get mine similar to hers!

I always thought Clara Bow and Louise Brooks had somewhat similar facial features (apart from the nose)but did their makeup and hair very differently.

Louise's brows were very low, far apart and flat with dainty, thin and well defined lips.

Clara had longer thinner brows that turned down at the ends, and had a bit fuller "bee stung" or "heart shaped" mouth. Maybe next year I'll be Clara lol.

As I'm sure I've mentioned before today is also my brothers birthday! He's 16! I can't believe it! I remember the day he was born like it was mom couldn't take us trick or treating because she was too busy having a baby.
Brother and I

Me and my niece running from death! XD
I actually made a video of me doing my makeup. It's my first video and it's for Halloween so gimme a break! lol


  1. Oh I just learned about Flappers ^ ^ You make a good Flapper

  2. Really/ Cool! The 20's are a really interesting time to learn about in film and fashion :D Thank you <3