Tuesday, September 6, 2011

W♥C order and Celga experience

There were some cute things from W♥C I really wanted, and couldn't find in shops that ships overseas. So I used Celga for a shopping service to order. There are some other W♥C items I plan on getting but I've found shops that will ship to me and have reasonable prices so no middleman is required.

So here's what I got this time around.
 An Umbrella (not sure if I got the last one, but right after I got an email saying my order had processed it was sold out on the site so I like to pretend I did lol XD)
It's actually transparent! The background of the stock photo is white and made the umbrella look white too. It's not a disappointment or anything just a little different than what I was expecting.

A bow/hair tie with Kumatan's face in the middle...er girl Kumatan I mean XD
Kumatan patterned tights.

 And the W♥C brass knuckle style ring.

 I got four of their shopping bags (one for each item I purchased) I figured I'd just get one.

A "Water Closet" cloth bag.
And this little cellphone charm, not sure if it came from W♥C or Celga. It's not W♥C brand but I didn't think shopping services included free gifts, but it's cute!

I usually try to avoid using a shopping service at any cost just because with shopping services the markup can range from reasonable to outrageous depending on what you get AND it's just a hassle waiting for the back and fourth emails to hammer out details of sold out items and shipping methods ect. I'm growing more comfortable with it these days but I still avoid it when I can. If it weren't for the damn umbrella I probably could've gotten "small packet" shipping which is the cheapest but I just went with EMS because I was tired of waiting.

So here is the time breakdown of my order.
Placed Order/Paid Deposit: Aug 18th
Received Notice That My Order Was Processed: Aug 18th
Received Invoice To Complete Initial Payment: Aug 20th
Items Arrived In Japan Warehouse: Aug 24th
Received Invoice For Shipping To USA (my house): Aug 26th
Received Order In The Mail: Sept 2nd

It wasn't an unpleasant experience...just an expensive one, when you take into consideration I only bought 4 items. The Celga fees are a bit pricey (definitely less worth it if you're only getting a few items). So if anyone has any suggestions on a cheaper shopping service with good costumer service I'd like to hear them. I'm currently on the look out for a new shopping service.

I've heard good things about White Rabbit Express, Treasure-Japan, Mukunoki Jp and Japonica but I'm not really sure which one I'll go with next time since I haven't used any of those yet. If anyone has any firsthand positive experience with any other shopping services they'd like to share I'm open to suggestions :)     

Oh yeah and I also got this Kumatan face ring last week, it wasn't part of this order but here's the little guy anyway