Friday, September 23, 2011

New Stuff

Some of my orders came this week!

                                     Treasure Japan
I used Treasure Japan this time for a shopping service...I can't say that I noticed it was any better than was pretty much the same except this order took longer because I placed orders at multiple stores and had to wait for it all to arrive at their warehouse before it was shipped.
Again, I got EMS hipping.

(I placed deposits same day as order)
Placed Rakuten order: Sept. 8th
Placed bid on Rakuten auction: Sept 8th (won the auction the next day)
Place order on Cocolulu site : Sept11th
(Each item ordered took no more than 3 days to reach to reach the warehouse)
Got invoice to finalized payment for all my items (minus the deposits)/shipping: Sept 19th
Shipped from their warehouse: Sept 18th
Received Order In the Mail: Sept 20th

What I got:

WC "UGLY" hat. From Rakuten Auction.
I've been wanting one of these since last year! Finally got it! XD These were hard to hunt down in yellow after they weren't in the store anymore. It's weird how everyone who's seen this hat so far questions why I want a hat that says "ugly" on it, but nobody said a word about my "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" shirt :| Some days I feel ugly too lol.

Glad News Union Jack Flag Leggings. From Rakuten store.
I have had an inexplicable "thing" for the union jack flag lately XD I'm not a leggings person, so I can almost guarantee that I'll only be wearing these with shorts and skirts over them and shoes that hide the foot straps. 

Cocolulu Pants.

Cocolulu Snow Boots

Cocolulu Rings

That came in a cute little pouch.

Free stuff!

Cocolulu bag

Tissue box cover! XD

A couple of surgical masks lol
And a random shirt was thrown in there...not sure where from.

I wanted the WC "I'm Poor But Good Looking" shirt in red. I couldn't find it in the online shop anymore and I really wanted the long red one but they only had the original white ones left :( I saw it on the Minimaos site though under "New WC Items" that you had to email them inquire about. I had to email them anyway though to ask for an international order so it worked out great! They said they only had one in red left but maybe they were just saying that so I would hurry up and buy it lol XD I thought they just had in stock items ready to be shipped out but apparently that isn't the case...that's really the only down side, after it had been sent out it arrived in a few (they sent it EMS I think)

Inquired about Items/International Order: Sept 8th (they got back to me and told me the price +shipping the same day)
I provided my shipping address and made my payment: Sept 9th
They Informed me my item had come in stock and sent it out: Sept 15th
Arrived in the Mail: Sept 22nd
It fits more like a short dress and you can't tell when I'm wearing shorts underneath it lol. But I love it!...And the shirt is a complete contradiction to the hat. I think this is the first shirt I've owned that's made of jersey material too. Well those are all the clothes for now...all the gal brand ones anyway, I also got sizable Forever21 order early in the week but eh'...not worth posting about since I order crap from them all the time.


  1. It's always so exciting to get packages from Japan! I've liked the Ugly hat since it came out! I'm sure ppl will make comments about it when you wear it but oh well! That's fashion!

    I ordered some stuff from Treasure Japan recently and I can't wait... I want it NOW! Hahaha

  2. It is exciting especially opening it :D It's like Christmas, only you're sure you'll like it because you bought it for yourself lol XD