Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Lenses

I ordered again from Pinky Paradise but this time around, they had a holiday weekend and offered a 5% discount code for the people who had to wait the extra days for their order to be shipped. The offer became available the DAY AFTER I placed my order. They said anyone who had ordered before August 28th's orders will be shipped before the 5th but mine still wasn't. So I didn't get the discount and I had to wait 11 days for it to even be shipped :( I guess it's okay though since I used the same code I did before to get two free gifts and animal cases and they specified that the 5% discount code was not stackable with other codes...still wish my order was mailed when they said it would be though.

Placed Order:Aug 26th
Order Confirmed/ Processed: Aug 26th
Received at/ Dispatched from sending Post Office: Sept 6th
Received In the Mail (I used International Registered Mail ): Sept 19th

I got a pink bear case this time and uh....I really don't know what the hell the purple one is supposed to be! XD

Got the same free gifts as last time too. Except this time my bow was grey instead of pink.

I got Adult Blue and Dueba Angel EX Black
EOS Adult Blue
 These are the old adult blues that are more of a light icey blue rather than the azure looking blue of the new adult blues. I've wanted these for a couple of years now, the color is SO beautiful so I had to see how they looked on my eye color. I always hear about how comfortable EOS lenses ares too.

 As you can see the print isn't very opaque and there is still quite a bit of space at the edges of the lens which tells me two things. 1. The color these lenses will be on me will depend a bit on my eye color and 2. Not to expect very much enlargement.
These ones are 14mm in diameter but they seem like less because the color does not extend all the way to the outer edges of the lens.
One in/ One out
With Flash
With some makeup on
The comfort was okay. Maybe I was just expecting too much since I'm always hearing about how comfortable EOS lenses are. I'm always very aware that they're in and after a while they do dry out and leave this kind of...goopy feeling over my eyes for a while. The design is good but not necessarily ideal for my eyes. I've seen these look amazing on very dark eyes where the color can pass for the pupil but on me they look fine at a distance of about a foot. But once you get up close it's keyhole city! Especially in day light. (Yes I finally remembered to take a daylight pic!) They might look better if you already have blueish eyes but mine are more on the green/grey side. I feel like if it had a very fine gradient inward it would look X100 better, but they're alright. Nothing bad enough to keep me from wearing them XD

Comfort: 7/10
Design: 9/10
Enlargement: 3/10
Color: 10/10
Overall: 8/10

Dueba Angel EX Black
I decided to buy these after I saw three reviews of people with light eyes using these. They seemed to have the effect I was hoping to get from my  ck-105's where it would be noticeable that I have light eyes but still get the black rim and enlargement. The rim around the edge isn't as bold and thick as the ck-105 and gradient is MUCH finer.

The diameter on these is 14.5 mm and it shows. The enlargement is quite noticeable and they blend very well. They actually look better in the daylight because you can't really see the print very well.
One in/ One out

With Flash
With some makeup on
Comfort: 8/10
Design: 10/10
Enlargement: 9/10
Color: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

Ya know it's such bs that every time I go to review a new pair of lenses I always seem to get a breakout or dry patch RIGHT above my brows or between my eyes :| But I will continue to do the reviews with no make up because I think that gives the most honest depiction of color and enlargement. I'm staring to incorporate pictures with makeup on as well just to show how that option looks.

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