Friday, September 30, 2011

Mousy Light Brown Hair & more W♥C

A few days ago I dyed my hair with Color Silk medium ash blonde.

This is how it turned out.

It was even darker than this when it was first dyed. It's weird because this is the color I used last time. It was darker at first and then lightened up a lot after a week which is weird for any box dye, I think. However, I really liked the color by the time it had lightened. So I'll give it another few days and if it doesn't lighten up like it did last time I'm redying it. I need to get back to being blonde, otherwise I'll look awfully silly wearing my new shirt!
Custom made shirt a la Chrissy Snow of Three's Company XD

If there is bright side to this I suppose that it's the fact I can temporarily use my light brown clip in bangs that I ordered in the wrong color earlier this year. They still need some de-shining, since I never use them, greatly exaggerated by the camera flash.

Outfit today was somewhat Liz Lisa inspired....although none of it IS Liz Lisa lol XD It's getting a bi chilly out at night these days.

OOTD with a weird pose. lol
The chiffon on this dress sometimes (like now) bunches up and makes me look bulky :( I think it's because the belt is too big and slides down my waist and I just keep trying to pull it an idiot.
The boots
I've been struggling hard for outfit pics ever since I knocked my mirror over XD so that's the best I can do for now!

I got some more W♥C stuff. I've really been in love with this brand lately and Chinatsu Wakatsuki has such a wonderful playful style about her.
Liz Lisa
 Hey! I am completing one of my goals from my Gyaru Manifesto Meme post to acquire more brand items this year.

Oh yeah and I finished decorating my phone a while ago. I needed to decorated something and my nail glue and nail art pens  are taking forever to get to me. My nails have been so lame lately....

I don't really like having a cell phone. I mean people being able to reach me whenever they want? :/ Not my thing lol.

I'll also be posting an update on my Gyaru Improvement Meme next post, which I've been meaning to do for a while. I hope I've improved!


  1. I think that color looks good on you :)
    how light was your hair color before? medium brown 7 is usually darker than what you have now, the fading may be due to a big difference in the ligthness of your hair.. ^^; kind of hard to explain. but if you put a darker color on a light hair, it can fade like that ^^

  2. Yeah it was pretty light last time. That explains everything! XD I'll probably just redye it with the color I normally use next time. I like this color, but it's just not "me".

  3. Except I still don't understand why the dye that was supposed to be a medium ash blonde was so dark to begin with. My hair was already light (other than the roots that is) and it made it a good 6 shades darker.

  4. Great job on the phone! It's looks pro1 :D

    I'm curious to see how your haircolor turns out. I've never heard of haircolor changing after the fact.

  5. The lightening kinda makes sense. I just don't know why the dye was so dark to begin with though. I'm probably gonna dye it again next week.

  6. it is not really that blonde.. the name kinda throws it off, but usually 7 is darker than what it shows in the box. it's more medium brown than medium blonde xP

  7. I actually think this is a really cute color on you! It suits you well. I couldn't live without my cell phone, but I LOVE the deco you did! It looks completely professional. Did you do the rhinestones one by one?

  8. It's actually two different rhinestone decal stickers I had to cut apart and put together piece by piece because I liked the hearts from one but the skull from the another XD