Friday, August 19, 2011

Suicide Blonde: Dyed By Her Own Hand

First off, I would like to say sorry that I don't post as often as I'd like. To be honest I really don't feel as though I do too much worth blogging about XD but very recently I've tried to correct I mistake I made many moons ago so this post is dedicated to that.

Back in March it was time to dye my extensions, I was going back and fourth on whether to try to dye my hair to match the extensions or dye the extensions to match my hair. Ultimately I decided to dye the extensions because there is no way I could get my hair that light without having to use hard bleach which I REALLY didn't want to do.  I also remembered my current hair color matched about three other hair pieces I already have so I might as well dye the extensions. I was scared that dyeing the extensions might ruin the softness but, hey, they are human hair and if I'm never going to dye or curl them I might as well stick with my synthetic extensions, right?

So I dyed them with Clairol Natural Instincts in Champagne Sparkle, which is a semi-permanent color that lasts 28 shampoos. Based on the color of the extensions and the chart on the box it looked like a really good match for my hair.

So, since it's a lot easier on the hair than permanent hair color (or so I've been told) and you're only supposed to wash you extensions every couple months I figured this would be okay. If the color starts fading after some washing I can always color it again with minimal damage.

I laid out the extensions and started dyeing them one by one, and the more I got done the more I thought "Hey this is pretty easy." My thoughts soon changed though as I saw the dye on the hair after only a few minutes (This is a ten minute dye and it took me about 10 minutes to dye the first half) I hurried up and finished all the pieces and went to rinse out the ones that were already processed. As I did that, my thoughts changed from "Hmm...this isn't so hard." to "Holy mother of Christ! It turned the hair purple!!!!" I was so mad when I rinsed them out thinking "This is not happening, I did NOT just ruin these extensions!" While they were still wet they looked very...silvery. I know this happens with very light blonde hair after toning but this never happened to me with just a regular dye. I put on the conditioner and just hoped they would turn out alright.

                      Here they are still wet and scary the sheez out of me :(
Once they started drying they looked a little less silver. After they were dried completely they were wavy, puffy and still pretty silver looking...super disappointing D: Yeah, I hang them up to dry from my dresser!

So bottom line NEVER EVER dye your extensions with an ASH blonde dye! How have I never heard that before? Apparently this happens a lot with natural red heads but whether or not this hair came from a red head and was later made blonde I'll never know for sure. I'd be crying at this point if it weren't so pathetically hilarious that I'm sitting there with $130 worth of granny gray hair that I can't seem to fix. I know lots of gals purposely dye their hair an ash tone but this wasn't the look I was going for :( 

If it's any consolation the hair IS still pretty soft and dyeing them didn't seem to muck up the texture of the hair too much. 
Oh what's that? It doesn't matter because they're effin' gray!....Yeah I know.

I decided to just give them a rest for a while and try to fix them later because I had become sick of looking at them. A few months past and I had completely forgotten about them until last week. Recently, I had looked up homemade hair dye strippers and found a recipe that I thought might work. So I made this baking soda, lemon juice, dish soap concoction and left it on the hair for 30-40 minutes. 
To my shock it ACTUALLY worked pretty well!  It took most of the grey out and although it didn't return it to it's previously bright blonde shade it turned it very close to the shade I was going for in the first place! XD

I did, however, notice that after I put on the paste and washed my hands off it was drying them out pretty badly. I figured it'd probably do the same to the hair and of course it did. So while they were still drying I put some olive oil and conditioner on them and rinsed it out after a few hours. 

Long story short: Hair extensions + ash dye = no bueno. I am so glad I used semi- permanent dye instead of the permanent dye I was considering that was also an ash shade. It was a lot of trouble to go through but I am glad I found a cheap way to fix them!

They're still not an exact match and who knows they may never be. But I kind of dig the gradient effect for now. I went for saike gyaru kind of look today, I took some pics with the braid band and some without XD Sorry if I'm...glossy looking in these pictures but it was really hot today and I was getting sweaty haha.

On a side note: I've also been making nail sets a lot more often. My mom has been encouraging me to make sets and sell them online while my friend has been encouraging me to put out an ad for people to come see me so I can do their nails...I'm not sure I'll do either but I'm definitely leaning more toward my moms idea. I don't think I'm aloud to run a makeshift nail business out of my home if I don't have a license XD Anyway this is my latest set ....nothing too special this time around but I still like them :D 

Working with premade parts just isn't the same as the way I usually do it :( it doesn't have that same personal touch and customized feel, but on the plus side it doesn't take FOREVER either haha.