Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wig Styling Part 2

Okay so the styling for the second wig is not going to be nearly as complicated as the first.
Some time back in March I made a post on how to make your own two tone wig see here if you're interested in that post I'll be working on that wig this time.
                           WIG 2:

Two tone wig, extremely long, still pretty shiny (because I've barely touched it).

I bought this wig basically just for a demo on how to make your own two tone Prisila inspired wig. I haven't been able to do too much with it since then because it is so absurdly long, so I knew at some point I was gonna want to get rid of some of the length.

What I plan to do to it: Lose a bit of the length, I still want it long but this is a bit excessive for my taste. Re-do the bangs (the bangs were really a rough draft anyway so they need to be corrected) and then put some large/lose curls. I tried curling it before this so, I'm just gonna re-curl it to get a better effect with layers.

                                Cutting the wig

I sprayed the hair with water and cut about 4 1/2 inches off and cut it into a "U" shape. (It's hard to see the shape because it's wet and the ends curled up)

The hair was still bulky at this point so then I put in some long layers, to add some lift and lose some of the weight.

Then I trimmed the bangs a bit so they aren't as blunt and look a bit more cleaned up.

                             Curling the wig
For this I used the same curling method as in my previous wig styling post, only using the biggest curlers the set comes with.

End result:
Side view:

It's also fun to mess around with bangs you can sweep them to the right for more blonde or to the left for more brown or just keep it in the middle.

I like to keep the bangs side swept to the dark side most times. I don't know I just don't think it looks very good on the blonde side, or maybe it's just the way I parted it. I didn't realize it at the time but I think I might like it better that way because it reminds me of Gugu's old hair XD


  1. I love the colours! I'd love to start a wig collection of my own, then I wouldn't have to dye my hair constantly to change the colour.

  2. That's why I started my wig collection I was so fickle about my hair color XD It's really saved my hair so much damage! But most are too hot to wear for summer time in Arizona.