Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wig Styling Part 1

A little while back I got some advice on somethings I can try with my wigs. It got me thinking "Hmmm...I don't really do much with my wigs, so that might actually be fun!" I have like...20 or so wigs XD and I wuvz them all like my chilrenz! They are all named after a person they remind me of haha...yes seriously.

I am well aware of the fact that many gals don't condone the wear of wigs...but I'm not one of them. Although I do have to admit I could stand to put more effort into styling them though. So that's what this post is about.
 Wig 1:

What I plan to do to it: Cut in a few more layers, trim the ends, straighten the bangs out, re-curl it.
                                  Straightening the wig

Okay so first things first! I poured boiling water over it to straighten it. This will make it easier to cut right and get rid of a lot of that shininess. This step is pretty simple just place it on a stand and pour boiling water all over the hair so that it all lays flat.

Wait for it to cool down and start cutting the hair. It'll be damp for a while at this point and ready to cut.
Cutting the wig
For this part I'm just adding some layers to the top part so when I curl it that's where most of the volume will be. Eliminating any need to tease. After that I just trimmed the ends because I didn't want to lose too much of the length (with new tighter curls it will appear shorter anyway). And gave the bangs a more leveled cut. I couldn't get any pictures of me actually cutting the hair though because I needed both hands for that. But this is how it came out (still wet/scraggly looking).
Curling the wig
Next I had to figure out a way to curl it. Word of advice: Pin curling does NOT work with the boiling water method! 
My wig is synthetic, meaning heated tools can be used on low settings/with wet fibers or you can put it up in curlers and dump boiling water over it.  
PROBLEM! I do not have an iron that has low settings (mine has a setting of 400 degrees F so that's a no go) nor do I have appropriate curlers for the look I want.
Weighing my options
I use pin curls and my Caruso Steam Hairsetter(that have plastic shields that cover the hair) on my real hair. I have small sponge rollers but I didn't want curls that small. So what to do?
Then I remembered styling synthetic hair with steam works pretty well. So one-by-one I wrapped SMALL sections of the hair around the medium sized Caruso rollers (and the large size towards the top), placed the plastic guard over it and put it directly on the steamer. It is easiest to do this layer by layer.

This is the exact model I have the Caruso Professional ProSet Steam Hairsetter you can get these for about 30 USD or so depending where you buy it. I will never stop recommending this to people with fine/thin hair that can't hold an ironed in curl to save it's life. Or anyone that doesn't want the heat damage of irons. AND as it turns out, people that want to curl synthetic hair!
 And here is an example of the method I used. This is by far the most tedious part of restyling the wigs lol.

 Step 1:You wrap a small section of hair around a curler.

I tried to wrap it as evenly as possible and not use large sections because that will overload the curler. Over loading the curler will result in little dents where the shield has to press down on the hair and as a result of having too much hair in a single curler I'd have to leave it over the steam longer and risk scorching the fibers closest to the sponge.

Step 2: Leave the curler over the steam for between 20-25 seconds.

Step3: Remove the curler from the steamer and repeat the process on the remaining curlers. Do not remove the curlers from the hair until the shield is cool to the touch. For the most solid curls wait for the hair to dry completely (if you have the patience).

And viola! I got these sausagey curls.
I then ran my fingers through the curls to break them up, brushed them out and put in some twisting paste and, lifting the hair, I sprayed it with hair spray.

And here is the end result:

Top/Side view:
For part 2 I'll be tackling this shiny mofo, using similar tactics.
That post won't be as long, now that I've covered the curling process in this one.


  1. omg it looks gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting this! <3

  2. I'm awful at looking after any type of false hair lol. But these are really useful tips!

  3. @ Pinku Gyaru Thanks, I miss the length but the volume is a good trade off :D

    @Reibunny It takes some getting used to but synthetic hair isn't as fragile as some people think(I was bad at it too because I was so scared of ruining it) I was hoping this post would be helpful to someone out there ^_^

  4. so pretty :)
    where did you bought the wig?

  5. Thank you <3
    I got it from ebay, but I don't remember the store/sellers name >.<