Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rocker look take two.

Again, heavily Sakurina inspired lol XD It was my first time wearing my Sex Pot Revenge shirt, this has been in my closet for 2+ years. Looking at the picture of it on the mannequin it didn't look like it was supposed to be loose fitting but on me it kind of is around the tummy. It's a Japanese medium though so I though it would be more form fitting on me : / weird. But I like loose fitting shirts for rocker looks anyway so at least I found something I like to wear it with. You will probably notice the weird pose...yeah I have to lean forward now to fit in the mirror since I broke it XD

I wanted this hair.(on the right)
And even did a rough draft a while back >:O
But for some reason I couldn't get it as big today -.-
Had bottom lashes on, but took them off :(

Make up was also really nothing special. I wanted to stray away from my comfort zone of the cutesy looks but every time I try to I end up being dissatisfied with the end result. Or maybe I'm just nitpicking.
Always doing something with my hand...sometimes the same thing! XD
 Ugh!  I need to think of better one armed poses!


  1. OMG your hair is amazing!! Could you please do a tutorial on how to obtain such a lovely style!?

  2. the hair is reaaaaaally cool!!

  3. @ Pinku gyaru, Thanks! I might on a day I'm not wearing nails, my nails made it more trouble than it was worth, little 3D bits get snagged on everything >_<