Monday, May 9, 2011

Gyaru Improvment Meme

I got this from Himeko's blog :D It seems like a fun idea. But then I did it and realized it basically serves as an example of my LACK of improvement XD

Side note: January is actually very late December and Febuary is early March I think.

Things I need to work on: Still contouring my nose, I think the way I'm doing it is making my nose look longer than it actually is. When I don't contour at all though it doesn't look as pronounced as I like it to be. So I'm still trying to find a balance.. Some days I get it right, but then I can't remember what exactly it was I did.
Also, I need to improve my repertoire of eyeliner applying methods. I always feel like I'm doing the same thing and these pictures just prove my feeling was right!

Trying out a variety of bottom lashes is also something I am interested in. Seeing how much the different styles can add to the makeup style.


  1. very cool, i think i wanna make one too, you look great in february and may.

  2. I think the pic for May is def the best!
    If you're going to keep wearing those wigs, maybe try trimming adding some volume to them, and rub in some baby powder so they don't look as shiny

  3. @Himeko and Jee Dictator Thank you <3 The May look is one of my favorites too :D

  4. @Crysta I accidentally deleted my comment to you XD I was trying correct a spelling error, and I failed! So I hope you saw it when it was up.

  5. Heya! Thanks for using my meme~ Please contact me the next time yoou use it! ^^

  6. Oh! This was made by you? Thanks for making this it's really been the kick in the pants I need to work towards some improvement. Will do!