Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nerdy Gal

I really love this outfit! I mean, I love my Ralph Wiggum "Go Banana" shirt, I love my heart tights, I love my knee high wedge boots and I love my sequin hot pants. I wasn't originally gonna use my Harajuku Lovers bag with this look but it does match...also wanted to wear my fox tail a few more times before it is "out" XD I guess the glasses make it nerdy (if not the robot necklace) but if it helps I am actually kinda blind.
 I'm not exactly sure how "gal" the Simpsons are but I did find this picture of Romihi that increased her awesome by at least 20%.
So she's like at 920% awesome now XD

 Makeup shots...kinda you can't tell my eye shadow was actually blue. These ebay lashes are becoming a huge pain because the bands are so thick and inflexible.
As terrible as I am taking outfit shots I probably won't even be able to do that anymore. I broke my full length mirror today! XD well I didn't break it, it just kinda....fell :( hope that 7 years bad luck isn't mine because I didn't do anything!

Also 3D Pacman.Ms. Pacman nails!
Ah I started working on these AGES ago. I first wanted to try these when I saw some pacman nails in an issue of Teen Vouge.
 I practiced by painting a ghost on one of my nails and it was super easy! So then I thought "You know what would be cool? If I made them 3D!". So I made the pieces from polymer clay (MUCH harder than painting btw) while I was waiting for my nails to come in the mail. Then realized my black polish was dried up, so I bought some nail polish thinner. Then I got them put together and I (stupidly) thought "You know what would be cool? If the borders were glitter!" So I started doing that and made a mess...glitter everywhere. THEN I realized I was out of my top coat seriously what the hell? So I got that, put on the top coat and they were FINALLY done! I swear every time some one tried to talk to me while I was working on these I was like Ms. Menstrual Pac Man XD lol


  1. Your nails are amazing! I can't believe you made those!

  2. Thank you very much. These ones weren't particularly difficult to make I just couldn't get my stuff together all at once XD frustratin!

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  4. Thank you. I followed you back, you're blog looks interesting :D I hope I have a hot spring day soon it snowed yesterday! :O