Saturday, April 30, 2011

International Manba Day!

Well today was International Manba Day and in honor of this momentous occasion I wanted to dress up in manba, unfortunately my manba wardrobe is sub par since this isn't my usual look. It is a look I like and admire though so what better time to try it out! I applied what I thought was a dark foundation but it shows up much lighter on camera (like most makeup). I might try this look again because I know it takes practice and I feel like I can do much better than this. My real hair wasn't behaving today so I had to slap on a wig, it makes me mad how shiny it is in the flash, but oh well.

I asked my sister if it would be okay if I gave her a manba makeover XD I wanted her look to be just a little downplayed compared to mine since this look is obviously out of the norm for her (as it is for most people) and I wanted her to be comfortable and have fun! It's so hard to take pictures with her though because she's so short and tiny >:O I always have to crouch down about 4 inches.
We aren't dark enough!

Gosh, this is my first attempt at this kind of makeup since...06' (not sure about the exact date of the following picture but it's REALLY old) and I sincerely hope my technique has improved since...oh God XD I was just messing around with Halloween makeup this time so I guess today was my first REAL attempt.
My hair was so short and dark. The thing is, I remember thinking this wasn't very good even at the time...but that didn't stop me taking a pictures of it lmao so go ahead and laugh at it, I know I did. Happy manba day everyone!

Oh yeah, and I made new nails since my last post.


  1. you both look cute! an i love your new nails!

  2. Thanks Himeko ^_^ the makeup definitely could have been better, so I'll probably try it out again some time.

    These nails are holding up pretty well (compared to other sets I've made with bigger deco on them) so I'll try to keep them on for a while longer :D

  3. Your Manba make looks good. I like it "light." :)

    I LOVE your nails. They came out so pretty!

  4. Thanks <3 The lighter look is okay but I kinda wanted to go whole hog and do a really extreme look (since that would have been the day to do it) But I didn't wanna scare my sister out of letting me make her over XD Maybe next manba day I'll try something a little more extreme since I still haven't had a chance to do that.