Saturday, April 30, 2011

International Manba Day!

Well today was International Manba Day and in honor of this momentous occasion I wanted to dress up in manba, unfortunately my manba wardrobe is sub par since this isn't my usual look. It is a look I like and admire though so what better time to try it out! I applied what I thought was a dark foundation but it shows up much lighter on camera (like most makeup). I might try this look again because I know it takes practice and I feel like I can do much better than this. My real hair wasn't behaving today so I had to slap on a wig, it makes me mad how shiny it is in the flash, but oh well.

I asked my sister if it would be okay if I gave her a manba makeover XD I wanted her look to be just a little downplayed compared to mine since this look is obviously out of the norm for her (as it is for most people) and I wanted her to be comfortable and have fun! It's so hard to take pictures with her though because she's so short and tiny >:O I always have to crouch down about 4 inches.
We aren't dark enough!

Gosh, this is my first attempt at this kind of makeup since...06' (not sure about the exact date of the following picture but it's REALLY old) and I sincerely hope my technique has improved since...oh God XD I was just messing around with Halloween makeup this time so I guess today was my first REAL attempt.
My hair was so short and dark. The thing is, I remember thinking this wasn't very good even at the time...but that didn't stop me taking a pictures of it lmao so go ahead and laugh at it, I know I did. Happy manba day everyone!

Oh yeah, and I made new nails since my last post.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 10 Elf Recommendations

I don't know why, but it seems that all I have reviewed this far makeup-wise on this blog are elf products. Possibly because I had a huge haul a while back and had to split it up into groups for review or maybe I'm just too lazy to review better things I get XD Anyway I haven't been able to do a proper update because I lost the cord to my camera and only found it today. So most of these pictures are cropped from preexisting pictures.

In any case I thought it would be fun to have a post about the cream of the crop. So these are my top 10 elf "must have" products. I own about 70% of what is available on the website (no lie) and these are what has worked out the best for me. So if you are looking for a good deal on makeup I'd recommend you try these out first.

10.Hypershine Gloss
Some these are pretty by themselves, but most are on the sheer side and don't show up as well as my favorites. I prefer to pair it with a lipstick for a milky pink or glossy nude. I can't recommend this product on a whole but just this particular color and the color "fairy" are enough for me to include it in my recommendations.
Favorite Color: Bubblegum 
Bubblegum, worn alone.
Bubblegum over Runway Pink lipstick
Bubblegum over Natural Nymph lipstick

9. Mineral Infused Primer
The start to a polished look is a nice even base, you need very little of this, and despite it's flaws ( like deceptive packaging and pump that pumps too much)  it is a really good primer. Gives your face a smooth finish so foundation applies evenly and fills in pores very well. I don't think I have a picture that can really illustrate this product in action. I am wearing it almost all of my recent pictures though.

8. Mineral Lipstick
Depending on what color you get these are, for the most part, a good buy. The darker colors last longer but the lighter colors are prettier, so it's kind of like a trade off.
Favorite Color: Runway Pink
7. SPF Powder
I happen to prefer this over the HD powder. Protects your skin from the sun and provides pretty good coverage to boot. Again it's difficult for me to find a picture that really shows how well this works. But take my word for it, it's good stuff!

6. Liplock Pencil
 I find myself using it almost everyday. It smooths out the look of the lipstick, keeps color from smearing and I do believe it does help the lipstick last longer. It's also clear so you can use it with any color! Here is a "before and after" shot of the pencil in action on the smeariest red I own. (yes there is still a small smear on the lower right hand corner of my lips, but that was totally my fault not the product)
See how it is no longer running above my cupids bow?

5.Under Eye Concealer& Highlighter
Works just as well as my MAC Moister Select  Concealer. Gives a good amount of coverage and the highlight side gives a very pretty iridescent glow that isn't glittery or too shiny.
4. Natural Radiance Blusher
If you're looking for a natural glow or a flush of color that is beautiful and not too over the top then this is for you. The best dollar you will ever spend on a blush.
Favorite Color: Shy
3. Super Glossy Lip Shine
 For a dollar you can not beat these. Lovely colors, nice shiny look also goes good over many lipsticks.
Favorite Color: Pink Kiss
Pink Kiss, worn alone.
2. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder
I love these because each of these has a use.
- Matte Bronze is great for contouring .
- Luminance is great as either a highlighter or all over bronzer for people with light skin that want avoid that "muddy" look you can sometimes get from a bronzer that is too dark but still want a glow.
- Warm Tan is like a dark Luminance it gives a nice glow and adds some color that sometimes genuinely looks like a tan .
- Sunkissed can be used as a shimmery blush or a flush of all over color and glow.
 Favorite Color: Love them all.
1. Studio Line Blushes
Stronger pigmentation than the Natural Radiance Blusher these can be used with a light hand for a natural look but are very buildable and are also great for people that want a very dolly made up look.
Favorite Color: Tie between Pink Passion, Peachy Keen and Gotta Glow

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gyaru Manifesto Meme

I've noticed this going around on some of the blogs I frequent and thought I'd give it a go.

Name: Memi
Location: AZ,USA
Occupation: Student
Height: 167(ish)cm
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Olive greeny
Birthday: May 8th
First Discovery: I was about 14...15ish. So 2004, when I think Egg was announcing the return of the yamanba (new manba by this time) if I am not mistaken? I saw some pictures from an Egg magazine on my friend's myspace profile they were mostly of  Natsumi Yoshida and she was just as cute as button! These are some of the pictures she had up of her.

So that really sparked my interest, since before then I had seen random pictures of yamanba and ganguro before but I can't recall where exactly, and my general reaction at first was kinda..."What is going on here? 0_O" So I will always be grateful to Natsumi for making it so this look was not so intimidating for to me to learn about anymore. It would be a few more years of mere admiration for this style before I would actually try this look for myself.

Your Gyaru Style: I seem to have style A.D.D. I do take a great liking to Amekaji, Rokku and some of the cool laid back onee styles. I also had a big thing for Haady style back in the day.

Your Top 5 Gyaru Model Inspirations:
1. Romihi <3
2. Tsubasa
3. Chinatsu Wakatsuki
4. Sakurina
5. Maya Mori
* also love Natsumi Yoshida, Emika Kanda, Nana Suzuki, Nicole Abe, Aina Tanaka, Kaoru Watanabe and Kanako
Top 5 gyaru non-model inspirations:(kind of weird to say since I don't actually know any of them lol)
2. Mitsuko
3. Pai
4. Rebecca
5. Cale
And so many more...

Your 3 Favorite Gyaru Magazines:
1. Egg
2. Ranzuki
3. Ageha
The Top 6 Gyaru Brands you like best:
1. Cocolulu
2. W♥C
3. Glad News
5. Liz Lisa
6. Tutuha

5 of Your Favorite Coordinates:

Your 7 Favorite Fashion Items That You Own:
1.Circle lenses
3.Nail deco supplies
4.Floral dresses
5.All of my Mickey mouse shirts XD
6.Leopard beret
7.Many hair bows
(I clearly have yet to buy gyaru brand clothes)

Top 10 Gyaru Fashion Goals:
1. Practice on my hair skillz
2. Wear my lenses more often
3. Get a tan
4. Invest in gal brand clothes
5. Try out different styles
6. Be more creative with cords
7.  Do my nails more often
8. Meet more western gals
9. Experiment with my makeup more
10. Go to a meet up

Top 5 Gyaru Achievements:
1. Deciding to follow this style more diligently
2. Realizing gal "rules" aren't as cut and dry as they may seem
3.Getting compliments from gals I admire
4.Becoming confident enough to go out in this style regardless of what people say/think
5.Stopped being chicken and posted on E_G lol

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nerdy Gal

I really love this outfit! I mean, I love my Ralph Wiggum "Go Banana" shirt, I love my heart tights, I love my knee high wedge boots and I love my sequin hot pants. I wasn't originally gonna use my Harajuku Lovers bag with this look but it does match...also wanted to wear my fox tail a few more times before it is "out" XD I guess the glasses make it nerdy (if not the robot necklace) but if it helps I am actually kinda blind.
 I'm not exactly sure how "gal" the Simpsons are but I did find this picture of Romihi that increased her awesome by at least 20%.
So she's like at 920% awesome now XD

 Makeup shots...kinda you can't tell my eye shadow was actually blue. These ebay lashes are becoming a huge pain because the bands are so thick and inflexible.
As terrible as I am taking outfit shots I probably won't even be able to do that anymore. I broke my full length mirror today! XD well I didn't break it, it just kinda....fell :( hope that 7 years bad luck isn't mine because I didn't do anything!

Also 3D Pacman.Ms. Pacman nails!
Ah I started working on these AGES ago. I first wanted to try these when I saw some pacman nails in an issue of Teen Vouge.
 I practiced by painting a ghost on one of my nails and it was super easy! So then I thought "You know what would be cool? If I made them 3D!". So I made the pieces from polymer clay (MUCH harder than painting btw) while I was waiting for my nails to come in the mail. Then realized my black polish was dried up, so I bought some nail polish thinner. Then I got them put together and I (stupidly) thought "You know what would be cool? If the borders were glitter!" So I started doing that and made a mess...glitter everywhere. THEN I realized I was out of my top coat seriously what the hell? So I got that, put on the top coat and they were FINALLY done! I swear every time some one tried to talk to me while I was working on these I was like Ms. Menstrual Pac Man XD lol