Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wig Experiment

This was just another little "hair experiment" I did recently. Last year I saw a lovely Prisila wig, when vertical two tone hair was all the rage. The craze has since died down some but I still like it look a lot. Problem with Prisila wigs for me is just getting them to me. I didn't want to have to use a shopping service for a frickin' wig -_- So  I thought this would be a fun project/challenge to transform a regular wig into a Prisila-esque two tone wig.

^So this was the goal look. I was going for something similar to this.
I bought this wig from ebay for 33 bucks it says that it can be dyed and take heat styling well (on low settings of course) I thought it would be a good canvas for what I was trying to achieve.
Next, I needed an acrylic ink that would give me the brown coloring I wanted, so I chose FW ink in Sepia that cost me about 6 USD.
Lastly I needed some 70% alcohol it was on sale for 2 USD and was buy one get one free!

 So total cost for this was about 41 USD (Or only 8 USD if you already own a wig and only need to purchase the acrylic ink and alcohol ) and the original Prisila price is ¥9240 (112 USD)!

 So the first thing I did when I got it was cut in some bangs. The wig originally did have bangs but I needed them shorter.

The next step was doing a strand test on the part I cut from the bangs to make sure the ink is the right color.
Looks like chocolate and peanutbutter :D
I used 2oz of alcohol with 4 squirts of ink (I tried 3 at first but it wasn't dark enough).
After that, I parted the wig by sectioning off the part I wanted to dye. Clipped it into place, tied back the rest of the hair so the dye wouldn't touch it. Then start to sponge on the color at roots for precision and sprayed the rest of the area I wanted dyed.
Let it sit overnight and then rinsed it with cold water the following morning.
This is the end result of project "Two tone hair":
It's still needs some deshining but it is a brand new wig so I'll work on that later. I guess this wasn't a real tutorial, but if helps anyone out there that wants to do a "make your own two tone wig" project that would be pretty cool :)

Some long shots: Mannequin pose and the "Pretend you're doing something with your hair" pose.
I wanted to curl the ends but my sister wouldn't let me use her curling iron with low settings -_- I'll probably get around to curling at some point in the future.


  1. WOW! When I saw your pic at ricoche, I didn't even realize it was a wig. It suits you. :)

  2. Thanks Himeko! I've gotten lots of kind words on this wig, maybe I should dye my real hair like this.

  3. Amazing job dying the wig! I looks exactly like the Prisila one!

  4. Thank you! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It was pretty easy to do and it cost me less than half the price of the Prisila wig ^_^