Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Moriz-Dark Tan

So I've been looking for a tanner to make me look less corpse like lately. I have been VERY pale since I was 15 which is a shame because I did tan beautifully as a child haha XD I've managed to avoid the sun for quite some time but I miss my tan.

A prime example of how pale I really am, no contouring,no bronzer,daylight.

 However cancer does run in my family so why tempt fate by over roasting in the sun? I looked through lots of tanners over the years without ever actually buying any (yes this is my first self tanning experience outside of Jergens Natural Glow Lotion ). So I found St.Moriz (yeah that's the right way to spell it XD)tanner online, which is like a cost effective dupe for St.Tropez tanner, which is many people's holy grail of faux tanners. For the longest time I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy it or not, then they came out with a dark version that people say is like having two layers of the original on. It sounded like a good deal as a 4oz bottle averages at £4.99 (about 10.50 USD)so I looked for a place to buy it in the US since it's from the UK. People can apparently find it at TJ Maxx here but of course I don't have one of those in my town. I found it for cheap at an online store based in the UK but with shipping it was cheaper to get it from a seller off ebay (*myplanet*)that also sells it in lots or 6.45 USD per bottle (plus S&H) :D So I bought a few bottles and a tanning mitt (mitt from another seller).

I was a little disappointed when I got the mitt because I thought it would be dark on both sides...but it's not...I hate seeing the nasty stain on the mitt every time I look at it, but I digress.
I bought the mousse version, no reason for me choosing the mousse over the spray...I just did. Now, where I noticed in reviews I saw of the original, that version is more olive based and has green in it to give you a nice olive glow where this one has a red base to make you actually tan/brown.

I struggled to get a good before pic of my arm since it was night time. So here's my arm before with and without flash.
And here it is right after application with and without flash.

 It needs a few hours to fully I just went to bed. Another plus is that this doesn't seem to stain clothes or bedding with one layer so that's not a problem unless maybe you sweat in your sleep. This stuff gets DARK while the color is developing so I would recommend doing this before you go to bed and then shower in the morning rather than doing this at the beginning of the day and going out while it develops.

This is the color I woke up with, and these pictures were much better since it was daylight.
Pretty nice color for one layer considering before my arm was the same color as the wall! BUT you do lose about 30% of this color after you shower.

After shower:

 Showering may lighten it but it does get rid of any unevenness that may have occurred during application, and since this was my first self tan...there was some unevenness that was worrying me.  

During the application I did notice a smell, it's flowery but not perfume-like more like a scented lotion or face cream...if that makes any sense. But after a while you do get the telltale tanner smell. It's gone after the shower, obviously. Your clothes will still hold the smell until you wash them though.

On another note after the color developed, my knees and elbow were a bit darker than the rest of me. I followed the directions to a tee and moisturized all my joints before application and I don't even have particularly dry all really. So if you do be very careful and use a heavy moisturizer on those areas.

Two Coats:
One problem I have with this tanner is the way it smudges when you try to build it up. (This might be because of the mitt)The second time I used it I wanted to see how two layers turns out so applied one, waited for it to dry applied another waited for it dry and got dressed. It takes a while for the second layer to dry but I suppose that only makes sense. Even though it was dry, hours after I applied  I accidentally splashed water on my arm and there was a mark on my arm the next day even though it was supposed to be dry. I guess it's easy to re-wet. I didn't have this issue with one layer though.

Two coats after I woke up before shower:(There is some shadowing on my arm since this is in natural light and my camera was kind of in the way)
After shower:

After a couple of days (just woke up you can still see my bedding marks on my arm XD), little fading. So maybe I could get away with applying just once a week.

Overall, it's pretty good, given I don't have anything to compare it to but it breaks down like this.
Good price
Good color
Fairly easy to apply on the first coat
Little fading/splotching between third day applications
Inoffensive smell during application
Little/no fabric staining (once applied)
Trouble controlling evenness when attempting to build/layer
Even with moisturizer there is some color gathering at the joints(elbows and knees mostly)
Two coats is very easy to re-wet and cause streaking/unevenness

 So since there is only trouble with this tanner's ability to build I will continue to buy/use this stuff throughout the summer this year. Hopefully I can get a nice base tan to apply this over so I can stick with using one coat and not be in the sun too much. I don't wanna be super tan but something in the range of Tsubasa's old coloring from some years back would be nice:D I loved old tan Tsubasa :(

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