Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nana Suzuki Inspired Failure

Such a frustrating day I couldn't find ANY of the makeup I wanted use, seriously spring cleaning is just what I need. Originally this look was supposed to be Nana Suzuki inspired but then I couldn't find my right lashes and it just went downhill from there, as you can see. Nana? Not so much...  My bangs in the first one one make it look like I did a droopy panda eye but I swear I didn't! XD or maybe I did, I couldn't find my good frickin' eye liner!
 Let the derpiness begin!
Why do I always feel the need to be doing something with my hands? : /

Outfit pic for some reason:
 I thought I'd be able to start wearing skirts again soon because it was warming up, but then it rained and BAM it's cold again :( still not so bad with boots and jacket though :D I don't know why I always try to take outfit shots at night since the light in front of the mirror is so awful and I can't use flash in the mirror. Next time daylight!

My hearts and sparkles nails.
Since I got all my new nail deco supplies I've been wanting to be more creative with my nails. So I hope these are better than the boring ones I had before -_-


  1. still so cute ^_^ where did you get your deco pieces from?

  2. Thanks ^_^ I got them from two different ebay sellers stgreatdeals and dayxmas. Pretty good prices for both sellers but I remember stgreatdeals shipment was much quicker.