Friday, March 18, 2011

A Keen Doodad

I have been looking around forever for a contact lens extractor (good for people with long nails who wear contacts) and came across the DMV Soft Lens Handler, I got mine from on Amazon for about 6 USD. I didn't realize there were other places you could buy them and pick out a different color(such as purple) like here. Purple is the best color ever and now I'm stuck with blue because of my inability to shop around haha XD
 To some people this maybe a stupid invention because some people are blessed with the ability to remove their lenses no matter what the situation. I haven't ripped any of my lenses yet but it's something that I've been kinda paranoid and maybe overly careful about. If you've ripped even one lens trying to take them out this is a sound investment(not an investment, really it's only 6 bucks!). It's made of a foam material so it's not like your putting some hard plastic in your eye.

One end has a slope and is for insertion. The other end has a tweezer-like gripper for extraction.
The instructions are pretty straight forward.
 But here are some pictures from their website illustrating how to use it.
I don't use it for putting my lenses in because I've really had no problems whatsoever with that. The first time I used it I was so scared, the same kind of scared you are the first time you put in lenses. I tried plucking it out using the corners of the tweezers but it wasn't very effective and only resulted in me smearing my make up on it.
It works best when it's fully pressed against your lens and you just pinch it shut and the lens comes right out but I still have trouble getting over the fear of sticking it straight into my eye XD I'm getting better though, the less scared you are to place it flat over the lenses the easier it is.


  1. Keen doodad is right! This is so cool!

    I've seen a lens extractor sold by the place where I got my circle lenses but it was different--it was like tweezers that held two q-tips. This one looks way better! Thanks for posting about it!

  2. It is pretty cool for people with long nails, it takes some practice to get it right though. But to be honest after I posted about this I learned to take my lenses out using my knuckles XD so I've been doing that instead of using this lately.