Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspired by:Sakurina/Glad News

Well I thought I'd try out a more rocker look today reminiscent of Sakurina's work for Glad News from a while back.
Using the above image for hair inspiration and the below image for make up inspiration.
I came out like this...
Completed Rina Sakurai/ Sakurina inspired makeup and hair.
It came out kind of lame because I don't have false lower lashes (yet) but I tried!

The struggle to get a decent outfit shot XD
Oh yeah and I majorly suck at taking outfit shots XD I feel okay about the overall look I guess, I just really wish I could have gotten my hair bigger >:O I'm working on it! It was admittedly a bad day for pictures, the lighting was crap and I couldn't get a  good one of my nails either which was okay since they were not so great.


  1. love the way you did your makeup and your skirt is so cute!

  2. Thanks Himeko! ^_^ Sakurina's bottom lashes were a little much for my eyes, but I tried to keep the rest of the makeup like hers.