Monday, March 28, 2011

Barbie Gal

Recently I bought this Barbie shirt that reads "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful".
This is seriously one of the most funny/narcissistic tee shirts I've ever bought. It's mainly funny because people take it so seriously. They either agree with the shirt and compliment me or think that I think I'm all that and a bag of potato chips and give me dirty looks XD Since when is it a crime to think you are beautiful? I think everyone has a right to think themselves beautiful every now and then! The shirt doesn't state that I think I am any more beautiful than anyone else so what's with the dirty looks?

I do feel a little silly wearing it just because I don't normally have that "ere about me" that I think I'm better looking than the average girl, but it's just a cute shirt that I liked. And one that I think inspires a very tongue-in-cheek confidence that every girl could use once in a while.

A very pink outfit that I tried to keep casual but gal at the same time:

 Also I've been trying to add more color into in my makeup since spring is here :D
 I really do wish I could tell you why I've been looking like such a derpy sad puppy lately. There is no reason for it other than perhaps I am a derpy sad puppy.
Oh well...


  1. nice outfit!!! and your makeup suits you very good! all together must look like barbie |D amazing! and I love this "Deal with it" animation XDDD

  2. Thanks! Haha yes Ken is a wise man XD

  3. Your make up makes you look like a princess! Did you photoshop?
    Very pretty and the shirt is fun ^.^

  4. I wish lol I don't have/know how to use photoshop >.< Even my banner was made in paint XD I do tinker with the lighting with but that's all I know how to do.