Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesstyle and Geo circle lenses


Recently I received my circle lenses from Yestyle, and I've gotta say I am pretty satisfied with my purchase. The last time I got  circle lenses(a few years ago) from a seller that did batch orders, and everything went fine,decent prices, they were authentic and all, but it's just so much easier to go to a store. Last time I had to write the seller, tell them which ones I wanted, make an account at the place I had to use to send the money since they are in the Philippines (to this day I still get emails from that site about their updated services, and I don't remember signing up for their news letter) wait till their batch came in and THEN they were shipped to me. It was quite a waiting process and a bit of a hassle. That particular seller, who by the way seemed like a very nice girl, now has some ready stock which is good and I am in no way dissing her business, but from now on I think I will only buy from more "official" stores.

Now that Yesstyle is a distributor of Geo lenses I can just put the ones I want in my cart, checkout using Paypal and they ship right out since they are all in stock. You can also put them in your cart one lens at a time, great for if you have a different prescription for each eye or you're replacing one you lost or ruined (even in plano), something I don't believe you can get with batch orders. I ordered mine on 1/27/10 and received them on 2/4/10, nine (8 business)days to come from overseas! Very reasonable since stuff that comes from overseas usually takes at least two weeks to get to me. They were well packaged and arrived safely. You get a free case with every pair you buy but not the cute little animal cases like you can get from other sellers. It's just a standard white case. The weird thing about it is even though Yestyle exclusively sells Geo lenses the cases say on them XD The 14mm are usually 12 USD per lens/24 USD a pair, the ones with larger diameters are usually in the 14-18 USD per lens ball park.

They also all come with the Geo anti fake sticker,as of April 1st 2009 ALL Geo lenses have these stickers that you can scratch off and type into to guarantee authenticity.
Now onto the lenses themselves. I ordered 1 pair of Nudy Grey, 1 pair of Angel Brown and one pair of CK-105.
More on the lenses after the jump

                          NUDY GREY/Nudy Series
This wasn't the first time I had ordered lenses from Geo's nudy series but last time it was Nudy Green and Nudy Violet. I am a HUGE fan of this series. I know a lot of people have problems with them "not looking natural", having a "scale-like print" or being a bit uncomfy but I think they looked really nice! I seriously have yet to see  single person that doesn't look great in these. They added that dolly look, they can give a pretty halo effect if you have smaller iris' and blended quite well with my eyes (the green more than the violet obviously). Now it is true that I have naturally large pupils and a highly debatable eye color and that could contribute to how well they blended with my eyes .

       Here is a picture of my old Nudy greens being worn. With and without flash.
Please don't mind the small gap in my eyeliner. I had them in for a while at this point so the makeup is old XD
Sadly, I only had a few old web cam pictures of me wearing the Violets that I can't find anymore :(

                                  Here are my new lens in the vial.

Out of the vial with and without flash.You can click on these pictures to see all the details.

And in the case.

The nudy series has to describe it? Mesh-like pattern on the lenses that looks like it will let your natural color show through but it really doesn't, it kinda camouflages your real eye color out while using your natural color as a base tone.

Here is an example (and extreme close up)of the "mesh print" in action on my eye.
You can see my natural color trough some little open spaces in the print, but I think this is what helps it blend.

 They aren't the most comfortable lenses out there especially right after you put them in they have a scratchy feeling for a couple of minutes but nothing unbearable. I wouldn't say that they are heavy but you are constantly very aware of the fact that you are wearing them.

 Here they are in.
One in one out.

Of all my new lenses these seem to have the biggest effect when it comes to the enlargement factor. Which I found odd since these, as are the other two pairs I got, are the standard 14mm diameter. The only reasons I can think for this is that these probably either have the color going out the furthest towards the edge or maybe they have a thicker ring? Or it could just be an optical illusion of the print XD I don't buy these so much for enlargement but I love the glossy dolly eyes they give me while still looking somewhat natural and not too freaky, so it's all good. 
These are my first pair from the Angel series, I hear people rave about these and I've never seen myself with brown eyes so I wanted to try these. My first thought was that these look a lot like a less severe EOS G-202( Candy Doll/ Babrie King Size/ Candy Magic) whatever you wanna call 'em they're all the same! I know the G-202's are a bit bigger (at 14.5mm)and a bit bolder with a darker rim but since at this point I wanted a more "natural" look (as natural as circle lenses that aren't your natural eye color can be that is) I wanted to try these first and then maybe upgrade to the EOS later. The brown ones really are the most natural looking color from the Angel series since the rest look way too bold for my taste

In the vial
Out of the vial with and without flash.

And in the case.

                                                  Here they are in.
One in and one out.
The enlargement with these isn't massive, but still pretty noticeable on me. Of the new pairs these are probably the most comfortable and easiest to put in and take out. I don't know that I would recommend these to people with light eyes that don't have large pupils because your color will show through and could look weird. As you can see from my "one in and one out" picture even with my huge pupils a little part of my natural color is popping out to say "How'd you do?". But it might not be noticeable at all from a distance, so could be a non-issue for many people. It does bother me a little bit though.
These are my first pair of black lenses ever so I was really worried about this pair because black rimmed lenses can be great for people that like their eye color and don't want to alter it too much but still want that dolly pop to their eyes with some enlargement. But it can also end up looking like crap if you pick the wrong ones. Some people love the way light eyes look in dark rimmed lenses others can't stand it, it's really a matter of taste. I think the key is how well they blend into your eye color I've seen it look very pretty but I've also seen it look very weird.
In the vial
Out of the vial with and without flash
In the case

At first I thought it looked like the gradient effect towards the pupil would be very fine and blend well, but then I noticed how wide the rims actually are and got worried that they would probably cover up too much of my iris and look weird. 

So here is another print close up. Veeery close up, click for extreme detail.

Here they are in.

One in and one out.

Okay so I would definitely not recommend these to someone that likes their natural eye color and just wants a ring around the iris, these cover up way too much for that. These were...very strange to me. At first they seemed thinner than other circle lenses I've tried and when I tried to put them in the first couple times they kept flipping inside out and folding in my eye which caused some irritation that you can probably see from the bloodshot eyes. Once I got them in at a distance of about 1-2 feet my eyes looked completely black. Up close it wasn't bad just...odd since there was a gradient effect it looked okay but part of the ends of the gradient were always touching part of my pupil giving this strange eclipse kind of effect making my iris' look like crescent moons. Kind of neat but kind of weird I have mixed feelings on them thus far so I can't decide if I like them or not XD They were pretty comfortable once I finally managed to get them in, very breathable too. Maybe they'll look better with makeup, most circle lenses look creepy without makeup on, but these look sort of demonic...if you are a Supernatural fan that is....
I think next time I will try the Angel EX Blacks I saw a review of those from a girl with light eyes and they looked really great on her ,but then again my eye color isn't as pretty as her's was anyway so it might not look as good on my eyes XD


  1. hello i've one question for you , if you ordered this on yesstyle you've to buy 2 pair of circle ! the box contains only one lens ? i'm french sorry for my bad english

    1. Yes, they are sold as single lenses. You have to put 2 into your cart to get a pair.

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