Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feelin' Foxy

I got my Foxy Locks extensions today! FINALLY! I ordered these on January 27th and got them February 22nd. I hear that's the typical wait for people in the U.S since they are located in the UK so that's alright. I guess I was just eager because it felt like forever and a day. The price before shipping was £74.00 which is about $118.85, with shipping and handling it's £82.50 about $131.89 that's $13.04 for shipping and handling and for that I hoped they could be a little quicker haha!

I knew right when I saw the package what it was since I've seen the trademark pink packaging. Although mine looked more purple than anything else. Maybe they've changed it ,which is fine by me since I like purple more anyway.

Two minor complaints I had about packaging was that the extensions were folded which made them get a dent in the middle, I didn't know if it will go away on it's own or if I would have to iron it out. Also the package opens from the bottom so when you take  it out it causes some friction on the hair ,again nothing major,I just think it could benefit from having a top opening.
The ones I bought are the 22 Honey Blonde Deluxe 160 grams 20" full head set. I must say it is EXTREMELY difficult to accurately guess your right color online. From pictures and videos I've seen I was able to deduce that Toffee Brown would be too dark and Imogene Blonde would be too light so it was between Caramel Blonde and Honey Blonde. I'd rather go with the lighter color in case I need to dye them I'd rather have to dye them darker than have to dye dark ones lighter.

A couple pics of them almost unwrapped with and without flash. You can see the dent I was talking about.

Full set unwrapped. Two 4 clip tracks, Two 3 clip tacks, two 2 clip tracks and four 1 clip tracks.
The clips are sturdy and have a silicone grip to ensure they won't slide out of your hair. The ends are pretty blunt cut and don't thin out . And the hair itself is very soft and smooth as well.

Sadly, they do not match my hair :( They looked like they would when they were all bundled together but when you unwrap them the color seems lighter.
My hair on top and extensions below.
Clipped in and trying to blend...

Here they are on, yes again with the wonderful pajama shots lol oh well I wasn't ready when I tried them on and I wasn't going to get ready just for that XD The dent did go away on it's own so yay for that but I'm probably going to have to dye them to match my ash tone.
As you can see a color match...it is not. As for length they go down to just above my belly button ( I am 5ft 5 3/4 or roughly 167 cm) I'm still not great at clipping them in ,but they are pretty comfortable and lightweight , considering how much hair it actually is. 

Just for comparison here is the Honey Blonde swatch from the website. Didn't look too far off from my color at the time lol.
It's also cool they came today because I just so happen to get my extension loop brush!
Who knows, if I can't get the color to match maybe I'll just walk around with ombre hair like Aina Tanaka's from last summer only less dramatic....
 I'll post again with them in once my hair is "fixed" )

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