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Elf Face Product Reviews

 This is again a follow up to my elf haul from a while back. This time I will be reviewing the face products I got.
 I have two shades of the tinted moisturizers from the studio line in different colors (since for me elf does not have the best track record when it comes to colors for my face),Mineral Infused Face Primer,two Mineral Boosters from the mineral line in Sheer and Tinted(I was curious about the difference),SPF Powder and the HD Powder also both from the studio line.
Tinted Moisturizers
I bought this after I was looking into the studio line for a while going back and fourth on whether I would buy this or not , I bought their Essentials Tinted Moisturizer back in the day with disastrous results,orange city all over my face! Since currently I am a deathly pale I thought getting a color would be easier this time so I bought Porcelain and Nude.
 The first thing that strikes me about this is that I am paying 3 USD  for 0.7oz so the tube is pumped full of air in what looks like it could be an once container, frankly I am not convinced there is even 0.7 oz in it. I'm not sure why I am bothered by this but it just seems like misleading packaging for people that don't bother to read the weight and take it for face value. That and when you leave it on it's side and go to use it there is a lot of shaking involved to get it to finally come out ,something that is usually an annoyance much later on but with this uneven product to container ratio this is an issue from the start. While this might not be a huge deal ,it was still annoying enough to mention.

 So here are the swatches on my hand.
Much better colors than the orange mess that I had before! So I tried both colors and something was still...a bit off. I have a lot of yellow,beige and pink in my skin tone so while the yellow in Porcelain matched my undertones it was still too light and while Nude had the beige/pink my face needed it just looked weird. It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out...I mixed them! And the result was an elf color that FINALLY matched my face! Two parts Porcelain,one part Nude. I am a little miffed that I had to mix two colors to get my right shade but I almost always have trouble finding foundation that matches my beige,yellow,pink combo so I can't fault Elf for that.

When you apply it there is a smell and although I can't pinpoint what exactly that natural yet flowery smell is I can say that it is almost perfume-like. This didn't bother me at all at first and I quite like the smell but I hate that once it is on my face I can STILL smell it for a while,not a fan of smelling what I have on my face. Frequent tinted moisturizer wearers strike me as a crowd that is trying to avoid the heaviness associated with foundation and the scent does add an element of heaviness to it. Now, this scent beats Elf's usual orange blossom scent that stinks up it's regular line . But people that like unscented face products or don't like smelling their face products once it's applied may want to avoid this.

The product itself is best at evening out skin tone for an ultra natural look , not a lot of coverage here but enough to make you look fresh faced and give a little glow. If you need more coverage you can just use a concealer on troubled areas first and then use the tinted moisturizer. It is on the thinner side and glides on pretty smoothly. It got a little shiny on me right after application but this is a great match for the sheer mineral booster so not a problem at all and as I am combination skin that was expected to happen. Overall a really good product for people that fancy the natural look and want a product that will make them look like them self only a little more polished.

While they are decent enough they won't be replacing my Missha BB Cream anytime soon and I probably won't buy them again.

Overall Ratings
Coverage- 6/10(for a tinted moisturizer)
Long Lasting-5/10(fades relatively fast )

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                   Mineral Infused Primer
I decided to buy this after hearing that it is comparable to Smashbox primer that everyone seems to love so much. So for 6 USD I went for it. Right off the bat I knew this was gonna be some trouble. First off the bottle is .49oz again in a misleading container that looks like a solid once. When you open the top you can see that the cylinder within the outer casing is much more narrow and they use the shape of the outer casing to kind of magnify the internal cylinder that is actually holding the product.
The width of the inner cylinder unmagnified is what you're getting.

Also the cap keeps falling off, and since I know elf saves a lot of money by using cheaper packaging I am never expecting anything great in that department but this cap and new habit of using containers too big for the amount of product is just absurd. You only need I tiny bit of this stuff for your whole face but controlling the pump is difficult you can't get anything out of it with out an ample amount of pressure but all that results in is a full squirt you don't need and all that product ends up being wasted,and since this is only about half an ounce it isn't gonna last long! This is particularly annoying because the product itself is great!

 I have also heard many complaints about people's pumps breaking off but so far I have not had this problem. It's like they want you to waste the product so you have to keep buying more. I have since managed to apply the right amount of pressure so that the pump gives me enough product without over pumping but it is really a trial and error process.

The primer is a translucent gel that goes on evenly if you apply the right amount ,over apply and you end up with a greasy face. It's weird because while it does have a moisturizing effect on skin I think it also helps with oil control. It finishes to that velvety smoothness you hear smashbox fans talk about and really helps foundation go on more smoothly, I did notice an overall smoother look and a minimization of pores so I can't complain. I feel like primer is one of those things you don't think you need until you see first hand what it can do for you. So while I detest this packaging I have to give credit where credit is due and the primer is good stuff! I will be repurchasing this.

Overall Ratings
Pore Minimization- 8/10
Oil control-7/10

              MINERAL BOOSTERS

 So here is what it promises to do.
Achieve the ultimate, translucent "photo finishing touch" to your makeup, our Mineral Booster melts into your skin, infusing it with key vitamins A, B and E to promote healthier skin that’s noticeably silkier and smoother. Completely sheer and ideal for all skin tones, Mineral Booster gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pores for a beautiful even finish. Wear alone or buff over our Mineral Concealer and Foundation to lend extra staying power and to achieve a professional and stunning porcelain matte look that will last all day. 

And this is the color difference between sheer and tinted.

I applied these with the Elf Essentials Total Face Brush(which isn't so great) the first time. Now, I have a tendency to over apply everything when I first try it and this was no exception. It wasn't so bad for the sheer but I was ready to write off the tinted version as a piece of crap I was never gonna use again. It was heavy cakey and looked uneven no matter how hard I tried to blend it out. But one day ,after I put on my foundation and realized I had misplaced my usual powder,and the tinted powder was the first powder I saw. I was kind of in hurry so I used it , tried to keep it minimal and used the Elf Studio powder brush (one of the best buys you can get from elf btw) and buffed it in thoroughly and it worked so good!
The difference between sheer and tinted is just that the tinted gives you a bit of coverage and when used right it does what it's supposed to do. The sheer mattifies the face and gives a smoother look, I know it says you can use it over their (or any) mineral foundation but for me it's powder overkill even with the lightest application. I'm just not a fan of powder layering but that's just me I prefer and liquid/cream base so that combo feels better on my skin and the end result has been good . I will probably repurchase sheer.

Overall Ratings
Mattifies/absorbs oil - 8/10
Gives Smoother look - 7/10
Pore Minimization - 7/10

SPF Powder
Like many of the products in the studio line this comes in a square container , this is one of the very few packaging choices of elf's studio line I really like. I love the old powder box/powder puff duo very classic and if it isn't broken don't fix it! The powder isn't fine enough to fall through the sift freely so sometimes it blocks the sifter and you have to tap it to get it out of the way.
This is advertised more in the way of how a sunscreen or health product would be advertised instead of a cosmetic product, but don't let that fool you ,this powder is a standard face powder that works in the same way a classic face powder would ,absorbing shine and adding some coverage. It is tinted but not not in an orangey way for once!

Some bad things about the packaging to report,as usual it seems. I wish they would either fill the containers all the way or stop wasting so much plastic trying to trick us into thinking we are buying more product than we actually are. The weight on this thing says 3.5 oz but you can bet most of that is the weight of the bulky container. For 6 USD 3.5oz of powder would be a great deal...but your are not getting that much. You can look through the sifter and see that the container if filled about 1/3 of the way ,very disappointing.

The powder puff is just your standard puff it does look like it absorbs a lot of the product but this is a pretty common issue with puffs. I've heard complaints about how the puff is useless in the application process but I just use it to pat on the powder and use a face brush to buff it in.

It's hard to really rate it's effectiveness as a sunscreen which is what this is mainly advertised as , but I can say I have never been sunburned while I had this on.

Overall Rating
Coverage-8/10 ( I don't even think it's really meant for coverage so pretty good!)
Oil Absorption-9/10
Sun Protection- 10/10
Value For Price-7/10

                             HD POWDER
This powder is in a container that is identical to the SPF powder...takes up a bit of space in my makeup kit, and would be worth it if again, they had filled the container up all the way! Oddly enough though you can see that this container is filled higher than the SPF powder so that's good and weird at the same time , is the SPF powder more expensive to make? I know it's not just me because I've heard plenty of people have the same complaints.

On to the product though this is a very fine powder that you probably want to hold your breath as you put it on to avoid inhaling all the tiny particles. it's so fine in fact that it seems like the puff has trouble picking up the powder.

What it promises-
The high definition loose powder creates a "soft focus" effect to the skin. Masks fine lines and imperfections for a radiant complexion. The incredibly soft and invisible powder is great for on-screen and everyday wear.

This powder is really soft , but the difference that it makes is something that is really only visible on film so I can't say this great for everyday wear. In addition I don't really notice any masking of my imperfections either but it does give you a softer look overall. Probably best for days when you know you are going to have your picture taken. I prefer the SPF powder for everyday wear and this one for pictures. 

Overall Rating
Soft Focus Effect- 9/10 (on film)
Masks Imperfections- 4/10
Value For Price- 8/10

As much as a gripe about the deceptive packaging I probably will buy these powders again because as much as they lack in other areas the actual product is very nice. They just need to knock it off with the wasteful packaging....

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