Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feelin' Foxy

I got my Foxy Locks extensions today! FINALLY! I ordered these on January 27th and got them February 22nd. I hear that's the typical wait for people in the U.S since they are located in the UK so that's alright. I guess I was just eager because it felt like forever and a day. The price before shipping was £74.00 which is about $118.85, with shipping and handling it's £82.50 about $131.89 that's $13.04 for shipping and handling and for that I hoped they could be a little quicker haha!

I knew right when I saw the package what it was since I've seen the trademark pink packaging. Although mine looked more purple than anything else. Maybe they've changed it ,which is fine by me since I like purple more anyway.

Two minor complaints I had about packaging was that the extensions were folded which made them get a dent in the middle, I didn't know if it will go away on it's own or if I would have to iron it out. Also the package opens from the bottom so when you take  it out it causes some friction on the hair ,again nothing major,I just think it could benefit from having a top opening.
The ones I bought are the 22 Honey Blonde Deluxe 160 grams 20" full head set. I must say it is EXTREMELY difficult to accurately guess your right color online. From pictures and videos I've seen I was able to deduce that Toffee Brown would be too dark and Imogene Blonde would be too light so it was between Caramel Blonde and Honey Blonde. I'd rather go with the lighter color in case I need to dye them I'd rather have to dye them darker than have to dye dark ones lighter.

A couple pics of them almost unwrapped with and without flash. You can see the dent I was talking about.

Full set unwrapped. Two 4 clip tracks, Two 3 clip tacks, two 2 clip tracks and four 1 clip tracks.
The clips are sturdy and have a silicone grip to ensure they won't slide out of your hair. The ends are pretty blunt cut and don't thin out . And the hair itself is very soft and smooth as well.

Sadly, they do not match my hair :( They looked like they would when they were all bundled together but when you unwrap them the color seems lighter.
My hair on top and extensions below.
Clipped in and trying to blend...

Here they are on, yes again with the wonderful pajama shots lol oh well I wasn't ready when I tried them on and I wasn't going to get ready just for that XD The dent did go away on it's own so yay for that but I'm probably going to have to dye them to match my ash tone.
As you can see a color match...it is not. As for length they go down to just above my belly button ( I am 5ft 5 3/4 or roughly 167 cm) I'm still not great at clipping them in ,but they are pretty comfortable and lightweight , considering how much hair it actually is. 

Just for comparison here is the Honey Blonde swatch from the website. Didn't look too far off from my color at the time lol.
It's also cool they came today because I just so happen to get my extension loop brush!
Who knows, if I can't get the color to match maybe I'll just walk around with ombre hair like Aina Tanaka's from last summer only less dramatic....
 I'll post again with them in once my hair is "fixed" )

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesstyle and Geo circle lenses


Recently I received my circle lenses from Yestyle, and I've gotta say I am pretty satisfied with my purchase. The last time I got  circle lenses(a few years ago) from a seller that did batch orders, and everything went fine,decent prices, they were authentic and all, but it's just so much easier to go to a store. Last time I had to write the seller, tell them which ones I wanted, make an account at the place I had to use to send the money since they are in the Philippines (to this day I still get emails from that site about their updated services, and I don't remember signing up for their news letter) wait till their batch came in and THEN they were shipped to me. It was quite a waiting process and a bit of a hassle. That particular seller, who by the way seemed like a very nice girl, now has some ready stock which is good and I am in no way dissing her business, but from now on I think I will only buy from more "official" stores.

Now that Yesstyle is a distributor of Geo lenses I can just put the ones I want in my cart, checkout using Paypal and they ship right out since they are all in stock. You can also put them in your cart one lens at a time, great for if you have a different prescription for each eye or you're replacing one you lost or ruined (even in plano), something I don't believe you can get with batch orders. I ordered mine on 1/27/10 and received them on 2/4/10, nine (8 business)days to come from overseas! Very reasonable since stuff that comes from overseas usually takes at least two weeks to get to me. They were well packaged and arrived safely. You get a free case with every pair you buy but not the cute little animal cases like you can get from other sellers. It's just a standard white case. The weird thing about it is even though Yestyle exclusively sells Geo lenses the cases say neolens.co.kr on them XD The 14mm are usually 12 USD per lens/24 USD a pair, the ones with larger diameters are usually in the 14-18 USD per lens ball park.

They also all come with the Geo anti fake sticker,as of April 1st 2009 ALL Geo lenses have these stickers that you can scratch off and type into http://www.fw1860.com/en/ to guarantee authenticity.
Now onto the lenses themselves. I ordered 1 pair of Nudy Grey, 1 pair of Angel Brown and one pair of CK-105.
More on the lenses after the jump

Friday, February 11, 2011

Elf Face Product Reviews

 This is again a follow up to my elf haul from a while back. This time I will be reviewing the face products I got.
 I have two shades of the tinted moisturizers from the studio line in different colors (since for me elf does not have the best track record when it comes to colors for my face),Mineral Infused Face Primer,two Mineral Boosters from the mineral line in Sheer and Tinted(I was curious about the difference),SPF Powder and the HD Powder also both from the studio line.
Tinted Moisturizers
I bought this after I was looking into the studio line for a while going back and fourth on whether I would buy this or not , I bought their Essentials Tinted Moisturizer back in the day with disastrous results,orange city all over my face! Since currently I am a deathly pale I thought getting a color would be easier this time so I bought Porcelain and Nude.
 The first thing that strikes me about this is that I am paying 3 USD  for 0.7oz so the tube is pumped full of air in what looks like it could be an once container, frankly I am not convinced there is even 0.7 oz in it. I'm not sure why I am bothered by this but it just seems like misleading packaging for people that don't bother to read the weight and take it for face value. That and when you leave it on it's side and go to use it there is a lot of shaking involved to get it to finally come out ,something that is usually an annoyance much later on but with this uneven product to container ratio this is an issue from the start. While this might not be a huge deal ,it was still annoying enough to mention.

 So here are the swatches on my hand.
Much better colors than the orange mess that I had before! So I tried both colors and something was still...a bit off. I have a lot of yellow,beige and pink in my skin tone so while the yellow in Porcelain matched my undertones it was still too light and while Nude had the beige/pink my face needed it just looked weird. It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out...I mixed them! And the result was an elf color that FINALLY matched my face! Two parts Porcelain,one part Nude. I am a little miffed that I had to mix two colors to get my right shade but I almost always have trouble finding foundation that matches my beige,yellow,pink combo so I can't fault Elf for that.

When you apply it there is a smell and although I can't pinpoint what exactly that natural yet flowery smell is I can say that it is almost perfume-like. This didn't bother me at all at first and I quite like the smell but I hate that once it is on my face I can STILL smell it for a while,not a fan of smelling what I have on my face. Frequent tinted moisturizer wearers strike me as a crowd that is trying to avoid the heaviness associated with foundation and the scent does add an element of heaviness to it. Now, this scent beats Elf's usual orange blossom scent that stinks up it's regular line . But people that like unscented face products or don't like smelling their face products once it's applied may want to avoid this.

The product itself is best at evening out skin tone for an ultra natural look , not a lot of coverage here but enough to make you look fresh faced and give a little glow. If you need more coverage you can just use a concealer on troubled areas first and then use the tinted moisturizer. It is on the thinner side and glides on pretty smoothly. It got a little shiny on me right after application but this is a great match for the sheer mineral booster so not a problem at all and as I am combination skin that was expected to happen. Overall a really good product for people that fancy the natural look and want a product that will make them look like them self only a little more polished.

While they are decent enough they won't be replacing my Missha BB Cream anytime soon and I probably won't buy them again.

Overall Ratings
Coverage- 6/10(for a tinted moisturizer)
Long Lasting-5/10(fades relatively fast )

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