Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why do I buy these things?

I was going out the other day to buy another acer netbook because mine finally crapped out on me, because I didn't take great care of it. My mom needed one too so we just decided to go together. They were out of the netbooks so I couldn't get one. My mom needed a computer now though so she just bought a different one, I had my heart set on the netbook because it's cute,small and does it's job >:O so I decided to wait instead. We decide to look through some of the other stores in the plaza just to "look" but I came home with these.
A Harajuku Lovers Hot Stuff ,Wicked Style bag. I really wish I didn't like this brand's bags so much but I am so drawn to the little charms every time and the Gwen charm was no exception.
I also found this Tokidoki Felice hobo bag in the Americana print, I was leaning toward not buying it until I saw the adorable print and I do love Americana, it has the classic cars , jukeboxes and little Fonzie looking guys combing their hair and dancing with their chicky pies XD so cute ! My mom saw it and said "That looks like you." I would have to agree.
Again the little charms always help.
Also needed new sunglasses, my niece broke my old ones and the only other ones I have are shaped like hearts, awesome yes, but not for everyday. Finding sunglasses that look good on me is always a challenge , but these Steve Madden ones fit my face really good ,they were one of the first pairs I tried on and then went through a bunch of others only to come back to these.
The leopard printed sides were a huge selling point for me.
I also got a new shelf for my room and a few presents for my brother for his birthday, so that's what I came back with after saying, "I'm not spending any money here,I'm just looking." I bought a netbook online instead it should be here in a few days and it's an ugly red one. I wanted the purple one but apparently nobody has them anymore. I always get stuck with a color I don't want. 

So I say I'm going out for a computer and I come back with everything random that isn't a computer typical....

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