Saturday, January 29, 2011

Net Books and Flat Irons Galore

My netbook came this week , and I guess this is a bit of a mini haul post as well seeing as how a few things came this week.
This little guy is the Acer Aspire One D255 I'm not going to go into detail about technical information about this because...well I just don't know what I am talking about in that regard  , a computer buff I am not. I got the ruby red one and yes it is ugly ( I like red but not on my laptop). I was thinking of getting it deco'd to decrease it's ugliness but I might not. So far I am happy with it , it meets my basic needs and is super easy to use. Great for me because as I said I don't thoroughly know my way around technology. It was a good buy , I am going to try to take better care of this one than I did my last netbook :(
R.I.P blue acer...

My flat iron came! The  Corioliss Pro Fix Pink Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron I am so happy with this (so far),I bought it from and they had a deal going on , that I didn't even know about(love how I pay attention when I'm buying things). When you make a purchase of  $100.00 or more you get a free KQC X-Heat Mini Ceramic Travel Flat Iron , KQC Thermal Shine Spray and a FIE iron holder to keep your flat iron in! They say it's an 80 dollar value but by my calculations it's really about 69 dollars but still these were pretty generous free gifts and I was really happy when I got these because I wasn't even expecting it. ( I think that offer is over  now but they always have new ones up).
Also free shipping on orders 75 dollars or more. I ordered on the 20th and it arrived on 28th pretty decent since I believe the company is located in Canada. I bought this because I wanted an iron that would last me  a long time. I first heard of this iron when I saw a tutorial on youtube and the girl said she has had this iron for four years and never had any problems with it so that was pretty impressive seeing as how I see people go through cheap irons like they go through tissue during a nasty cold. Also on the site itself there were lots of good reviews so I figured I'd go for it.
These two irons don't have adjustable temperature settings they both have a power of 410 degrees fahrenheit and just have an on/off switches, so that concerned me at first but when I used them they worked so good! But if you prefer to have that control this probably isn't the greatest idea in the world to you.

 My hair gets a bit of a wave(an annoying ugly wave) to it since I don't blow dry it, not a real challenge for a flat iron. I mainly got this so I could blend my hair with my synthetic extensions more easily, have sleeker hair of course and flat irons double as curling irons but I really don't wanna use it for that.

So for a real go at it's capabilities I ran it through my niece's super curly hair(I've mentioned my niece in just about every one of my posts XD weird) and viola!  Silky smooth!
I really don't think I could be happier with this iron. The mini iron is great for bangs ,which I don't have, but I'll be trying it on my clip in bangs from seller bluebutterflyhairextension on ebay that are supposedly flat iron friendly and have the results up in a future post.

Still trying to find a place for my stand on the overly crowded bathroom countertop lol

Lashes came too!

They're not as dramatic as I had hoped, pretty natural looking actually .
^This actually wasn't a makeup shot it was just taken from a picture were I was blinking after I realized I didn't have a picture of the top of the lashes lol

And last but not least I finally got the Hilary Duff With Love perfume! I love it, it's so not the norm for celebrity scents, very spicy,woody and mature you can really smell that mangosteen. It lasts a really long time too! I was scared I wouldn't like it because people seem to have mixed reactions on this one since it's not like the mainstream fruity floral typical celebrity scents. I live in a small out of the way town were I never get a chance to smell perfumes before I buy them, so 90% of the time I buy my perfumes on blind faith after researching the notes and I have yet to be disappointed :D

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