Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elf Lip Products review.

This is a follow up to my elf haul post just for anyone who is curious about how well the products actually work. I was a bit apprehensive about taking the pics of the product on because really whose mouth looks good that close up? That and I have scars on and around my lips from when my dog attacked me as a baby :( AND I am not wearing any make up around my mouth...should have at least done that  XD but oh well. If you click the pictures they do get larger so you can see the color better but do it at your own risk.

Now for the lip products I purchased from elf (and have now had enough time to become more familiar with). I got 6 of the mineral lipsticks, 5 of the plumping lip gloss', 2 of the lip stains, the plumping/primer duo and the clear Lip Lock Pencil . Also a couple of mineral lip liners but those are really nothing to write home about...completely average.

                                     Mineral Lipsticks
First I'll start with the Mineral Lipsticks, upon opening them I wasn't particularly impressed, the lighter colors kind of settle into the little lines of the lips and seem to fade rather quickly  but the the darker colors have really good pigmentation and staying power. For application I applied ,blotted, reapplied and blotted once more this is so you get all the color without over applying , or so Kevyn Aucoin tells me lol. At first glance these lipsticks aren't anything too special but the darker colors last quite a long time with out reapplying and maintain there same shade...pretty impressive, the lighter colors...not so much, which really disappointed me because I heard about how great Natural Nymph was for nude lips and it is OK I guess, but it seems kinda pasty looking on me (I,btw, am not tan at all). And this would probably look even pastier on tan to dark skin tones. It's workable with some gloss though so not a total loss.(It looks best on very hydrated lips. On dry lips EVERY single little line ,flake and crack shows up.)

The other light colors I purchased- Cool Coral and Pouty Petal it's hard to see that they are even being worn in person ,very natural looking Cool Coral adds a hint of pinky golden sparkle and Pouty Petal adds a flush of pink. Where Natural Nymph and Runway Pink are matte these two are slightly glossy.

Runway Pink is the only exception to the fading ,this color is more noticeable and lasts as long as the darker shades.

The darker shades aren't as pretty as as the lighter colors but they do last a long time ,my favorite is Cheerful Cherry when you put some red gloss over it your lips really look a stunning red. On it's own it is not so impressive , below is a pic of Cheerful Cherry sans gloss.

Royal Red on the other hand is very pretty worn alone as it looks much better matte and might be over the top looking with gloss. Great for fall and winter.

My biggest disappointment was Rustic Brick just because I was expecting it to be more of a brick red color when instead it is a light brownish color (very 90's) but it does last long and doesn't look horrible when you wear just a little bit for color.

They do dry out some after a while so reapplying or wearing a gloss over them may be necessary for comfort but while it does dry a bit the color is still there.
Overall this is how they rank in my book.

Lighter Shades
Quality for price- 6/10
Pigmentation- 7/10
Long Lasting- 4/10

Darker Shades
Quality for price- 8/10
Pigmentation- 9/10
Long lasting- 9/10

                                    Plumping Glosses
On to the Pumping Glosses , the main reason I bought these is because the colors are so pretty , since they are glosses I don't expect them to last a really long time , in the world of gloss 3 hours is pretty good if you are careful. The plumping side is very minty , yes like toothpaste minty. However I like mint so it didn't bother me at all but people that don't like mint may have a serious problem with these.

 The plumping is minimal at best as is with most plumpers but as far as plumping goes I never expect to look like Angelina Jolie when all is said and done so it's pretty decent as long as you have realistic expectations. They do add a little bit of a pout to your mouth but aren't incredibly obvious .

Most of the shades are very natural looking with only slight variations in color. This however can be changed with the use of a primer. Baby Doll is a sheer baby pink, Oasis is a golden sparkle and Peach Passion is probably the most natural looking with only a tiny hint of peach.

Some shades offer more color, like Fushia Fanatic is a slightly more obvious pink

And Ruby Kiss offers the most color of the shades I purchased.

Overall Rating:
Colors range- 4/10
Plumping 8/10 (as far as realistic plumping glosses go)
Long lasting 9/10 (for a gloss)

On their own these might not be very impressive due to their lack of variety in color but they are pretty versatile. I have found a lipstick shade that each of these looks really good over and with a primer under them the color really shows.

                                  Plumper/Primer Duo
This one I bought out of pure curiosity.  I saw reviews of girls almost in tears because of the plumper, so of course I had to try it to see if it really hurt that bad. In case you don't know this type of lip plumper has cinnamon in it (made obvious by it's Big Red scent) that cause an irritation that makes the lips temporarily swell for a "plumped" look. So how is it? Well first of all it is somewhat smaller than I thought it would be , I thought it would be the size if an average lip stick but it's more....compact.

Plumper Side:
The plumper does sting but either the other reviewers have very sensitive lips or they changed the formula because of the burning complaints. It wasn't bad at all. And I have to say that I do notice some plumping, nothing too obvious of course but more than the plumping glosses. Normally you can't tell that my upper lip is just about as big as my lower lip because it's kind of..inset? This mostly accentuates what is already there. Which is basically what these things are meant to do. As you may be able to see from the picture it doesn't come with very much.

Bare lips straight forward

After plumper,as you can see it propped up my upper lip a little bit and smoothed them out making them look brighter.

Overall Rating
Painfulness- 4/10
Plumping-10/10(I really couldn't realistically expect much more for this product in this regard.)

Primer Side:
The primer side....really depends what you want it for, if you think it's going to make you lip color last longer ,like it says on the site, then you're probably in for a disappointment. I noticed no longer lasting color but I did notice with glosses that it makes the color really show up. However with lip stick it makes it look a different color entirely ,all while making your lips feel heavier as well and who really wants that? For nude lips it's great but other colors it just washes it out. So if you're buying this to create a nude lip by blocking your natural lip pigmentation than it's good for that , but making color last longer? Don't count on it.

Primer blocks out lips natural color good for a clean start on nude lips. Really you should only get this if you frequently wear nude colored lips, otherwise don't waste your money.

It can make a huge color difference with glosses. Which I think is neat, but others may find as irritating as I find it with lipsticks

With turns reds into pinks and pinks into washed out pinks....

Overall Rating:
Value For Price- 7/10 (would have been more if it came in a standard lipstick size tube, but hey it is only 3 bucks)
Covers Lips Pigmentation- 10/10
Primes Lips for true color to show- over lip Gloss-8/10 over lipstick-4/10(Just changes the color    completely)
Extends Lipstick wear- 3/10 (If even that)

I would buy this again just because I wear nude lips quite a bit but if I didn't...I probably wouldn't.

                                         LIP STAINS
I only got two of these in the shades Birthday Suit and Red Carpet and honestly I love the colors but these are not stains! I think the goal for them here is to compete with things like L'oreal Infallible and Cover Girl Outlast long wear lip colors...and the like. The big problem with these is the gloss half, the lip color half comes with a sponge tipped applicator and smells and awful  lot like Cover Outlast lip color .

But were the afore mentioned products have a light gloss stick these have an actual tube of gloss on the other end. Not only do they have a gloss they have a heavy gloss with a sponge tipped applicator. First you apply the color on bare lips , wait for it to dry and put the gloss over (because lip stains are drying). Once you put the gloss on this is just like any other lip color it lasted a total of 3 hours on me with much fading , the mineral lipsticks lasted longer than these and those aren't even supposed to be long wearing or a stain. Birthday Suit , as is the case with most of elf's lighter lip colors fades much quicker than red carpet but Red carpet didn't last too much longer. I feel these were really falsely represented and shouldn't have the word "stain" in the name.

 The sponge tipped applicator on the gloss end is another minus because every time you use it no matter how dry the stain is when you go to put the gloss on you always end up with the color all over the applicator and it gets into the gloss making it all murky, as can be seen in the first picture of the tube. It could have benefited from at least having a brush applicator for the gloss end. The colors themselves are really nice though and can easily be intensified by adding another coat without flaking. The gloss is defiantly the problem here.

Birthday Suit is ,I'm guessing by the name, supposed to look natural and it does, it just adds a very pretty pop of light pink to your lips. This one does fade faster than Red Carpet and after it's faded you can still kind of feel the residue on your lips for a while until you go home to wash it off.

Red Carpet is exactly what you'd expect it to be a very Va-Va-Voom Red while this is a beautiful color and lasts longer than Birthday is still no lip stain and the fading is more obvious looking with than Birthday Suite too:( 
As you can see in the picture after the gloss applied that really enables the color to slide around on your mouth and for a red this bright that is really bad. This can easily be remedied with a liner but if it had done what it said it would do and stain my lips this wouldn't be an issue at all.

Overall Rating:
Value for Price- 4/10(Still good if you're just looking for  nice lip color but NOT a stain)
Long Lasting 3/10 (based on what it is advertised as)

Lip Lock Pencil

The purpose of this is to have a clear liner that can work with any skin tone or lip color to keep your liner , lip stick and gloss in place. It comes in a container that you just roll up to use ,no sharpening necessary. Based on what it promises I figured the perfect thing to try it on would be the ever so smeary Red Carpet ,whose color I loved but staying power and smudged look after gloss makes it a pain to wear.

It works really well! It kept the color from smudging out above my cupids bow and brightened the color too. While it's not a miracle the Red Carpet lip stain was really hard to wear because of the smearing so this was the ultimate test for the Lip Lock pencil it performs even better on lip colors that aren't known to smear so much. The only real down side is that it does break easily , when I first got it I rolled it all the way up to see how much it came with and upon reaching the bottom it broke right off and has since wobbled like crazy when I put it on. Not a big deal but be careful.

Overall Rating:
Value for Price- 9/10
Performance- 10/10
 I really don't know what else to rate this product on, it does what is says it's supposed to do and well I am very happy with this product ^_^
Well that's all the lip products I'm reviewing today, and enough pictures of my mouth to last anyone a lifetime :x


  1. I love the elf red carpet but solely for the color. I totally agree it is not a stain and the gloss does get clouded. That said I haven't had much luck with stains because they tend to fade inconsistently - so I'm always left with a heavy line around my lips. That plumper looks awesome though - need to try that!!

  2. The plumper is nice. Gives you a cute little pout :D