Sunday, December 5, 2010

Elf haul/a few reviews

I spent way too much money on this stuff , it's not expensive but it's a lot of stuff. I wouldn't say that I dislike spending money on expensive makeup however I do like finding cheaper alternatives when I can and I've really been wanting to try out a lot of things from their studio line. So far I am the most pleased with the blushes . Pretty good quality for the prices on most accounts.
The powder brush was also a good buy very soft and effective. I bought two of the tinted moisturizers because Elf has never had very great colors when it comes to the face. I also got two of the mineral boosters so I could see the difference between the sheer and the tinted.

I was kind of disappointed with the tinted one the first time I tried it because it looked really cakey but  then I tried it again over my MAC mineralized satin finish (with a very light hand) and worked out A LOT better so I'm glad I bought it. The sheer is pretty nice nothing special though.

These blushes are really great and pigmented, they kind of look like NARS blush ,which I am sure is the goal here, you can even point out which Nars colors they're supposed to be dupes for. Quick rundown of my opinions on the blushes.

-Pink Passion is my favorite (and a "dupe" for Nars Angelika if I am not mistaken) a very nice blue pink.

-Fuschia Fushion is a bit deeper in color than Pink Passion and needs to be used with a very light hand because it is so pigmented (more like Nars Desire but with the glitter of Angelika.)and the glitter does stay on your face in a somewhat noticeable way if you use a heavier application.

-Tickled Pink is not as pigmented and I guess would be closest to Nars Amour in it's somewhat peach colored.

-Candid Coral is a bit like Nars Torrid and can end up looking like a more dolled up Peachy Keen when worn.

-Peachy Keen is great for when you just want a little color on your cheeks and reminds me a lot of Nars Oasis.

-Gotta Glow is obviously supposed to be like Nars Albatross except the "glow" with Gotta Glow is more yellow than gold and is again very noticeable if over applied but with a light application it does give you a nice glow.

This is the Contouring Blush & Bronzing duo that's a dupe for Nars Orgasm/Laguna duo. The bronzer is really pigmented (and matte)and easily blendable, pretty decent in my opinion but the blush not only isn't very pigmented but looks nothing like Orgasm. It looks very pretty in the pan but when you go to apply it you get none of the pretty gold bits on your cheeks it just The best Orgasm dupe I've seen is still The Balm Hot Mama and even that looks more like Super orgasm.
The mineral lipsticks also bear a resemblance to Nars lipsticks but I don't know if the content copying is as obvious as it is with blushes. They can all end up settling in the little lines of your lips if you are not careful with application. So far I am the most impressed with the pigmentation of Royal Red , I thought Rustic Brick would be darker and Natural Nymph I had high expectations for based on the reviews I read. I thought it would be perfect for nude lips but it's a little too light for me and I end up putting a pink gloss over it to tone down the pastiness. I'll try to do some individual reviews on each of these products in the future (with swatches and such)when I become more acquainted with them , but these ones were the ones I liked the best . This is getting pretty long so I'll just end it here.


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